12 Reasons To Have A Young Living Business

No matter what stage you are at using your essential oils, whether you have yet to use one, or you consider yourself an advanced user, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by a few of these reasons. 

Young Living is a product driven company. Where approximately 92% only buy the product and CHOOSE NOT to take advantage of the business side. That’s an amazing model. It shows people love the product, and keep coming back for more. But with only a $165 investment, you can have an legit business while enjoying your products too. 

No need to spend thousands or tens of thousands to set up a business, which have a significantly higher percentage of failure.  

Young Living is very family friendly and product focus – it’s not all about getting rich and driving fancy cars. We can have balance as we focus on the products supporting our own wellness as well as the business side too. Let’s face it, when it comes down to it, money can have an impact on families in a huge way. The feeling of not having to worry about how you’re going to pay your electricity bill or having enough to get that something special you’ve been dreaming about for a really long time. 

Young Living is all about Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. It all connects. Most people do this to have all their oils and NingXia Red paid for. So, why not increase your pay check so you can buy more items to transform your health.  Some people don’t even realize they can make money while using the products they love! 

But you can base it on what you are passionate about, as well as help others – it doesn’t have to be all about the self, as I will now show you as we now explore the 12 reasons about this opportunity….

Recognized Industry Leader With 25 Year History & Proven Growth Record.

Young Living has been a leader in essential oils with 25 years under their belt. Their growth has exploded, especially since 2013. Very few understand the detail behind unlocking the power of plants, and that is where Young Living are experts! Knowing how the company started, what it’s been through and its heart is eye opening. 

Their Seed To Seal commitment is unmatched. No one else has the farms they do. The investment the have made in their own farms for the best unadulterated essential oils is worth every penny. You get what you pay for. They are invested in the whole process to ensure YOU get therapeutic products of all kinds. Personal care, baby line, a line for animals, non-toxic cleaning items, non-toxic makeup…the list goes on. 

Their essential oils are NOT made in a lab. They are NOT fragrances. Others are cheap imitations to desperately get a cut of this industry that is still growing like CRAZY!

So, don’t save money in the short term to spend more in the long term thanks to what others pass off and put in their bottles. Young Living is the industry leader due to the unsurpassed quality they produce, which also makes a biggest positive difference for our bodies. Remember, your essential oils should smell like the actual plant – that’s when you get the most benefits. 

Of course, to get the best, there’s a whole science that goes behind the farming and harvesting of the plants, but we’ll save all those details for another time. The point is, many don’t have a clue about what goes behind growing, making and even blending an essential oil for our benefit. 

Five New International Markets Over The Next 5 Years.

Young Living’s 5 by 5 pledge. 

The company has been global for SO long, but they stepping it up and becoming even more global. 

So, the plan is to open 25 new markets in the next 5 years with an additional 5 million members. Recently opened new markets that are already exploding include the Philippines and Mexico. We locations such as South Africa and Brazil opening later this year. 

This means less shipping and custom fees for people living in these countries and so these products will be more accessible to them. 

This means the growth potential for your business is off the charts. 

And to help, we have international Facebook pages and guides in your virtual office to help you with each of these markets. At convention this year I even went into the  International lounge and spoke to several employees at difference offices including Australia and Malaysia. I learned so much and would feel fully confident in the support team members would have in these and other growing markets. 

Young Living has well over 600 Consumable Wellness Products For All Ages, Men, Women, Children & Pets

I’m not going to sit down and count them all, but I’m positive we have over 700 different products now. 

It truly is a product driven company, which is family friendly. This is very apparent with its non-toxic and practical products that have a focus on health and wellness. I love the difference I’ve seen in my children and husband since they started using the products. Every household has a product or two that they use daily and just can’t live without. Well, that’s definitely the case in this household. This translates to consumable products. 

Consumable means repeat customers, which are essential to ANY business. Your bread and butter for you, AND the health and wellness for THEM. 

Customer retention is extremely high, which also shows the products work. It’s not a business that’s trying to sell something that really has no use, or something you can’t even see.  

Charitable Foundation Impacting Over 250,000 Lives & 170 Projects

Young Living’s D. Gary Young Foundation gives you a glimpse of their heart. And we all can get to be involved too, whether you want to sponsor a child, go and volunteer on a specific project or simply donate to the foundation from the comfort of your own home. 

This Foundation, which gives 100% of all proceeds direct to the projects, is also different in other ways compared to other charities. For one, it focuses on empowerment, which is key to long term change. Charities tend to only provide, but instead this foundation provides while also empowering the locals to build for themselves. It’s important to teach, so when outside help isn’t there, they still have the tools and resources to thrive in life. The results are transformative. 

Zero Waste Status In Global Operations In The Next 5 Years.

This is an official classification for companies, which Young Living is striving towards. It’s not easy! They’ve actually got an award already for their efforts so far. This philosophy means that NOTHING from the first stages of product (so at the farm) all the way to end product and shipping goes to a land fill. So any solid materials that are produced need to be suitable so they can recycled or reused.  It’s about being Earth friendly. 

I’ve mentioned it so many times before, but as Young Living essential oils are all natural and do NOT contain any synthetics, if they are flushed away for some reason they don’t do any harm to the system. I often put Lemon or Purification essential oil in our garage disposal. Isn’t it great knowing you’re not hurting the environment.  

The hydro water, which is left over from the distillation process always contains some remaining essential oil, but they use it back on the farm. But if it were to go back down the pipes, it wouldn’t do any harm. It’s so good it’s used as a natural insecticide – one reason why nasty chemicals are not required at their farms. 

Even left over plant materials are reused as mulch. 

But can you imagine the effort required to make the zero waste status around the world! That’s a company I can get behind. 

Generous Reward Trips At Six Rank Levels.

Travel. What a privilege it is still to get to travel!  This is another great reason to build this business. When you reach Silver rank and each rank above for 3 months, you get invited to an all expenses paid retreat. 

Experience, farms, partner farms, distilleries. Get pampered on. Meet and mingle with others in the same situation as you, as well as corporate employees. These are personally transformative, and game changers. And you don’t have to pay a penny as you have fun, learn and get inspired.

Generous Bonuses & Compensation Plan.

Many shy away from the opportunity for residue income, but that’s normally because they don’t really understand its meaning. But all you have to do is ask me, and I can take you through that in as much detail as you want. 

The industry average is to pay out around 38%-42% in commissions, but Young living pays out 50%. That’s a great payout. 

Mary Young wrote the compensation plan several years back. Back in the day she used to be in a network marketing company, so understands what it’s like to be in our shoes. She had the plan reviewed and was told that it’s one of the best and most generous plans that was actually sustainable. So, the company won’t go broke on it. 

The foundation of any company is essential! I’ve even been in other companies where their business model wasn’t sustainable, both in direct sales, and in the corporate world. Jumping on the newest trend, for the majority of the time,  isn’t a good thing.  

If you’ve seen the compensation plan, including all the bonuses and you feel totally lost. Don’t worry. There are videos and books I can direct you to that lay it out in simple chunks. Bottom line….there is huge potential and you can easily make it all the way to the top long before I do! And I’ll even introduce you to the current leaders to teach you how.

Ongoing Support And Training

Young Living is constantly improving their resources to help us. They have a frequently updated blog called: The Lavender Life. It has a variety of useful topics, and I highly recommend it. 

There are numerous Facebook groups, which are focused around either business (for all rank levels) or products, for you to learn from daily. I will tell you about these when you tell me you’re ready for them. 

And of course there is your own Virtual Office, which you get the second you get your own Young Living Membership. It’s full of education and news.

If there’s something specific you’re after and can’t find. Ask me, or another member of the team.  

Willable Residual Income.

This is HUGE! Anyone over 18 can take over an account if someone dies. You can protect you own account for your children, or someone else, so you don’t have to worry about their future financially. You can even now inherit an account AND have your own account too. Residue income that keeps coming. What company does that? 

If you understand residue income, then you know this itself is a fabulous perk that truly changes lives! 

No Inventory To Keep Or Deliver.

You do NOT need to store, or stock pile product. There’s no requirement to have an empty garage to store all your product.  Of course, as you use the product you’ll fall in love and want to keep extra favorites for yourself. But that’s a person issue.  

Basically, you only need $165 for a legit business. There are other even cheaper options, but this is the most popular one.  Any of the team can take you through what’s best for you personally!

Ready To Share Resources.

When you’re ready to share, there are multiple resources for you, no matter your style, or the way you want to build your own business. 

First up check out the YL Share App. It’s free and a great way to share information – all you need is your own Young Living account. 

There are too many websites out there selling handouts and brochures, which is great so you don’t have to create your own. However, if you need help sifting through all the options, I have no problem helping you with that. 

Over the years I’ve collected so many different options, and I’ll love to show you what I prefer. 

One thing I’ve learned. Make it simple for yourself. Use what’s already out for us. 

For example, a cross line member, which is a Young Living member in a different team, created these graphics for us to use tonight. Team Young Living rocks!. 

Set Your Own Hours & Work From Anywhere.

This ONE is extremely important to me. I can work at my own pace and location as everything is on my phone. This means I can put my family first. I spend more time with family and friends than I would in ANY corporate job, and this is key as I homeschool my three little girls and my husband is far from working the typical 9-5 schedule. 

I also get to be in a community full of passionate entrepreneurs. And we all get to do this business in a way that suits us personally. 

It’s family friendly. You can make an income with balance and integrity. My family always come first, and I don’t stop earning because I’m on vacation. Many people, when they actually start this business, do it on a part time basis.

Here’s A quick overview of what we covered,

But for me personally, I would also add several more, which we could go into more detail in a moment during question time if you would like:

  • You get to be your own boss.
  • You get to help and love on others.
  • You develop deep friendships.
  • There’s no commute. 
  • Your journey is fully of personal development.
  • As mentioned, there’s an extremely low cost of investment.
  • No required monthly minimums (only 100pv if you’re building, but that’s easily paid back in commissions, as you can see from the public income disclosure statement).
  • You get to wear what you want every day. 
  • You can be stay at home parent, or do this while working a full time job. 
  • There are NO minimum sales. No pressure. 
  • You get to work with the people you want to. 
  • You can even take your kids with you if you go to an event. 
  • There are so many online events and support, you don’t need a local team. You can be located anywhere!
  • If you’re a health & wellness professional, it’s a great way to increase your customer base. 
  • And of course, tax write offs. 

 What I also love:

One size does NOT fit all. Do this business in a way that feels good to you. It can  even be different from your direct upline. But be committed to finding YOUR way. You may not have all the answers up front. But you can figure it out. Step outside comfort zone – it’s worth it. And you’re NOT alone!

By marrying fabulous products with the business side keeps you in balance. And you get to have an impact on your community and beyond. 

It truly is more than just the paycheck… it’s about the people. 

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