All About Lemon

What is a Lemon?

The lemon tree, which is an evergreen, originated in China or Northeast India and can grow to be around 20ft (or 6 meters) tall. 

Lemon Orchard

It produces lemons (aka citrus limon) that are a popular fruit due to their versatility in drinks and in both sweet and savory recipes.

However, instead of the traditional steam-distillation process, its essential oil is obtained from cold pressing the rind of the fruit. 

It takes approximately 75 lemons to make one 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil, or about 250 drops. And of course, as usual, we’re only talking about Young Living’s essential oils. You can tell with the aroma of this one, that you’re ONLY getting lemons in your bottle. It smells AMAZING. 

So, Why use Lemon and Lemon Vitality Essential Oils?

Lemon has many wonderful properties that are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle, including the naturally occurring constituent limonene, which is known for its cleansing properties. As a result lemon is a key ingredient in many health products and essential oil blends. 

It also contains other key constituents such as Alpha-Pinene.There are multiple research studies that are available to the public detailing its benefits. Pub Chem

When taken internally, lemon vitality has antioxidant properties that can support a healthy immune system. It supports the nervous system and keeps your system alert with its potent properties. 

It can also balance pH levels to the alkaline state. Remember, if your body pH is low, your body will be acidic and so you will have less of a response to essential oils. And diseases thrive in an acidic environment.

It’s very insightful to delve into other culture’s historic usage of lemon, so I highly recommend you do a little research. Click here for a starting point.

The aroma of Lemon also revitalizes and lifts the spirit. When you diffuse this essential oil you’re also getting a bright aroma that can tackle strong odors. 

So, How To Use Lemon Essential Oil Aromatically

Lemon is a wonderful air freshener, but you can take it up a notch by adding 6 drops of lemon and 6 drops of purification into a glass spray bottle with distilled water. Shake it up and use it in the bathroom as an air freshener.  

As I’ve mentioned several times before, there are endless combinations you can come up with to diffuse. Here are some that include lemon, which I regularly diffuse:

The most popular is probably LLP, which contains 3 drops each of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. 

Running low on the Raven blend? No problem, I combine 3 drops each of Lemon, Wintergreen and Eucalptus Radiata, especially at bedtime. 

It’s summer, so try this one to help you get in the right mood: 1 drop of Lemon, 3 drops of Lime and 4 drops of Stress Away. 

And here’s one I’m diffusing right now for the first time, which has: 2 drops of Lemon, 3 drops of Grapefruit, 3 drops of Orange and 1 drop of Bergamot.

Now, How To Use Lemon Essential Oil Topically

Safety Alert # 1

To avoid photo-sensitivity, some essential oils such as citrus oils, should NOT be applied to skin that will be exposed to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light for several hours.

This is why you don’t normally find people bathing in lemon essential oil. Having said that… if you have blond hair there are plenty of recipes to brighten the look of your hair that contain lemon. 

If you happen to find me handling fish after a successful fishing trip, there would be no doubt that I would be using a couple of drops of lemon oil on my hands and rubbing it in throughly at the end of the day.

How To Use Lemon Vitality Essential Oil Internally

Lemon vitality, which comes in your Premium Starter Kit is a very simple and straight forward essential oil to use internally. Add it to your NingXia Red shot for an added boost, or practically any other drink you like. 

Typically it’s added daily to my glass of water or glass container that I sip from throughout the day when out and about. Water now has flavor for me without any harmful ingredients, and is actually doing me some good.  

Safety Alert # 2

Always use Lemon, and other citrus essential oils in glass or stainless steel. They eat away at petrochemicals. So in a plastic water bottle, they are effectively eating away at the plastic, and you do NOT want to be drinking that. 

The whole point is to be flushing nasty chemicals out of your body, NOT adding more to it. 

To make this point…I’m going to show you what happens when you add one drop of lemon essential oil to the bottom of a styrofoam cup. 

I’ll leave it alone and show you the results in a couple of minutes. 

You can even put Lemon vitality into a vegetable capsule – a common combination is equal parts of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint vitality essential oils. You’ll find us doing this one mainly in the spring time. But you can easily combine lemon vitality with other vitality oils of your choice. Once you’ve made the capsule either swallow it immediately or put it in the freezer for a couple of weeks, otherwise you’ll quickly make an oily mess. 

Now, even though Lemon is a wonderful summer smell to me, it’s great to take internally during the winter.       

How about this warm spicy apple punch: Combine 2 quarts apple cider (or juice), 2 cups orange juice and 1 cup of pineapple juice into a large pot and let it simmer over a low heat. Then add the following vitality essential oils: 5 drops of Lemon, 4 drops of cinnamon, 1 drop of clove and 1 drop of nutmeg. This recipe makes approximately 10 cups, and you serve it warm.

Now, something for the adults…Winter Whisky: Warm up 1/4 cup of honey and add 3 shots of whisky and 6 shots of water, where 1 shot equals 1 oz. Then add your essential oils: 6 drops of Lemon, 2 drops of the Thieves blend and 8 drops of Orange. 

Or make a lemon martini with 2 oz of vodka, 1 oz of simple syrup, 5 drops of lemon vitality essential oil and 1/4 oz of lemon juice for an added tangy twist. 

You can even add it to a turmeric infused honey for a boost during the colder seasons. Take 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric and add it to 1/4 cup of raw honey. Then mix in 2 drops of Lemon vitality and cover as you may store this at room temperature. Stir the contents before each use and take 1/2 teaspoon several times a day. 

Or simply add 1-2 drops of lemon vitality to a teaspoon of honey and put it down the hatch. I like to add a couple of drops of Copaiba as well for added benefits and to soothe some of the heat from the lemon. 

We commonly use Lemon vitality in our kitchen. It adds a bright and dynamic flavor to many dishes we cook from around the world.  Why not add a drop or two to savory foods like fish, chicken, vegetables, noodles, rice and pasta, or sweet foods like pastries and cakes. What about adding a drop next time you have a plain or vanilla flavored yogurt? Or add 2-3 drops when you want to give a lovely  fresh twist to your salsa. 

It’s very convenient to use instead of zesting or juicing. My husband nearly always uses it when creating vinaigrettes or marinades. It really does add a bright taste to summer salads and grilling. 

Back to our styrofoam cup…

And the lemon is going to continue to eat away at these chemicals. Lemon is powerful and gets down to business. 

This is why it’s ALSO so good in DIY recipes for the Household

Lemon can be added to cleaning solutions to infuse them with a fresh citrus scent, AND it has cleaning power too! Here are some recipes: 

  • Furniture Polish: Mix together 1 tsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of water and 2-3 drops of Lemon Essential oil and apply with a soft cleaning cloth. You’ll want to make this fresh each time. 
  • If you don’t yet have the AMAZING Thieves Household Cleaner, which also contains lemon (a very important ingredient ), why not use this recipe for a window cleaner. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar, 3 cups of distilled water and 10-15 drops of Lemon EO in a spray bottle for sparkling windows and mirrors. 
  • Or, this recipe for a floor cleaner: 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 bucket of hot distilled water and 5-10 drops of Lemon, Tea Tree or Purification essential oils. Of course, I prefer the Thieves Household Cleaner, but in a pinch this is what I would do. 
  • Or use 1-2 drops of Lemon essential oil on stains. Let it stand and then rub it off with a clean cloth or throw it into the laundry cycle. 

However, if you do have the Thieves Household Cleaner, but need a little extra elbow grease for a build up of soap scum, tile grout needs brightening or marker mishaps, I highly recommend this soft scrub: 1/4 cup Thieves Household cleaner, 1 tsp distilled vinegar, 10 drops of lemon essential oil and 1 cup of baking soda. Mix the first 3 ingredients together and then slowly stir in the baking soda. It makes approximately 8oz of paste, and I keep it in small mason jars so it’s ready to go when I need it. 

For a Dishwasher Detergent I mix together 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup borax, 1/4 cup citric acid, 15 drops of lemon and 10 drops of orange in a large glass container. Add 1 heaped tablespoon per load. You could add a sachet of uncooked white rice to the container to absorb moisture. I commonly also add a drop of Thieves essential oil blend directly into the dishwasher for the sparkle and odor elimination. 

Even More DIY Recipes:

  • Use 1-2 drops of lemon to remove gum, crayon, grease spots or oil.  
  • A couple of drops also removes the sticky residue from labels. 
  • Help keep your fruit fresh by adding 2-3 drops of lemon to a bowl of cool water. Soak the cleaned fruit into the water and stir, making sure each piece of fruit has had contact with the lemon. Drain, rinse, dry and place in a bowl. Of course, you can skip this step if you’ve cleaned your fruit and vegetables with the Thieves Fruit and Veggie soak. You’ll be amazed to see how that cleans up your food. 
  • You can also freshen dishcloths before they start to sour, by soaking them overnight in a bowl of water with a several drops of lemon. 
  • Also freshen your counter tops by adding 2-3 drops of lemon to a spray bottle of water and spritz your counters

Let’s take another look at the styrofoam cup.… There’s no doubt that Lemon does its job!

This photo was taken after the video.

So use this as a reminder to use glass or stainless steel containers with essential oils, rather than plastic. Plastic particles can leach into the oil and then into your body one way or another, including if applied via a lemon mixture onto your skin. However, if you must use a plastic container, look for HDPE or PETE that have the recycling symbols 1 or 2 as apparently these are less likely to react. Although, I haven’t done my research on those yet. 

There are so many more ways you can use a drop of Lemon or Lemon Vitality essential oil, Google it and you’ll be lost for days! This is truly and essential oil no home should be without, and it’s cheaper and better quality than any of the Lemons you can buy in the store. With Young Living’s Seed To Seal Commitment, you know where your lemons have come from. 

So, now you can go and make the most of every drop of your Lemon essential oil

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