August 2019 Live Your Passion Rally

Last weekend Young Living had one of their quarterly Rallies, and as we didn’t want the fun that we had at their 25th International Grand Convention to end, we decided to have a Rally gathering at our home on the Sunday. As official hosts we were given multiple slides and information that we could share with our guests, and here are some highlights of the event and details of the new products that were released….


As guests arrived everyone got a drop of the new Davana to apply topically, which was launched at convention. This one has turned into a favorite in this household already. The davana plant is a member of the daisy family, and is native to southern India. It has been traditionally used by healers there, but its rich, fruity scent is used around the world to enhance high-end fragrances. Davana is prized for its individualistic properties; so when applied topically, it gives off a different aroma depending on the person. This is why we offered everyone a drop when they first arrived. 

Our girls love it diffused and I’ve been rubbing it on their chests when needed too. 

You can find Davana essential oil in several of Young Living’s blends, but this is the first time we’ve been able to get it as a single essential oil. 


We didn’t cover all the products that were launched at convention as they were all laid out in our school room for people to try for themselves, but I did highlight IlluminEyes. 

It’s a beautiful purple colored supplement, which gets its color from the purple carrot. And as a little girl I was taught that carrots will help me see in the dark. 

But this supplement is a solution to blue light damage that comes from electronic devices like phones, tablets and computers. This is why I wanted to highlight this product, as our eye sight is so important and the way we use technology today is harming us. 

The key ingredient to protect our eyes from this blue light is naturally sourced from marigolds. What’s fascinating is the orange from the Marigolds is on the opposite side of the color wheel to blue, and there’s a ton of science behind that. An excellent way to allow nature to protect us.

IlluminEyes’s unique formula also supports overall eye health, reduces eye strain, and improves vision in dimly lit areas. 

The benefits of IlluminEyes extend beyond the eyes. As you battle blue light damage, you’ll also boost your skin’s health for a natural, more vibrant glow. Whether you spend your days in bright light from the sun, blue light from electronics, or both, IlluminEyes is here to protect.   

And if you’re feeling brave…If you have an iPhone, you can turn on the “Screen Time” function under “Settings.” Here you can track your screen time. You’ll quickly discover how important it is to guard against blue light damage.


We then moved onto our partnership with Nature Ultra’s organic CBD, and spent a large amount of time teaching about these products and how they are different from other CBD products out there. All attendees also had the opportunity to try out all of these products for themselves too, as well as learn about the differences between each one.  

We offer a one-of-a-kind Smart Spectrum blend that has absolutely 0% THC, otherwise you could fail a drug test, and it contains no synthetics. Like our essential oils, these products come with our Seed to Seal Promise, so you know exactly what you’re getting. As the Hemp plant cleans the soil by pulling in impurities into the plant, including toxins like lead and mercury, knowing your source is extremely important. You don’t want those toxins in your system! And what’s even better…there’s a code on every bottle, which has been rigorously tested and you can see the unique batch test results for yourself. There’s nothing like it on the market.

I won’t go into more detail here, as we have several online and in person workshops coming up this month, so if you want to find out more, let us know.

Thieves® Whitening Toothpaste

But in this industry, you definitely want to ensure you getting the purity and the potency you want. 

At this year’s International Grand Convention, we introduced our most advanced natural toothpaste yet. Thieves® Whitening Toothpaste which is gentle enough for everyday cleaning but powerful enough to brighten teeth with each brush. The science behind this plant- and mineral-based product is amazing! I mentioned some of this science in a recent video which gave a review of convention and its new product releases. 

This product is providing fast and excellent results that Young Living launched at the rally an easy way to share it with friends and family!

Sample Sachets

With our new Thieves Whitening Toothpaste sample packets, you can spread the news—and a sparkling smile—with anyone, anywhere. Once they try this fresh take on Thieves-infused toothpaste, they’ll become an instant fan, like we are! Each carton comes with 10 individual samples, so you can easily share the breath-freshening, teeth-whitening power of our new Thieves Whitening Toothpaste. 

Protein Power Bites

Also released at the rally, were the new Protein Power Bites, which are a great way kickstart your day the natural way. This advanced, high-protein snack is loaded with good-for-you ingredients and great-tasting flavor. Try a Protein Power Bite for a healthy on-the-go breakfast, midday snack, or workout supplement. Replace your favorite unhealthy sweet treat with one of these powerups and enjoy the no-regret goodness!

The unique four-protein blend includes grass-fed whey, egg, almond, and pea proteins. These different proteins provide the optimal balance between quick digestion and long-term protein absorption, providing your body the right amount of protein sources it needs to enhance recovery and help fight muscle fatigue.
The portion size is carefully calculated to deliver the right amount of necessary nutrients for adults and kids.
Our Protein Power Bites contain no artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. The whey is sourced from cow’s milk that is non-GMO, with no rGBH or rBST, and is non-denatured. 

Now, the next few newbies launched at the rally got my husband, Micheal, excited! 

Parsley Vitality

Say hello to Parsley Vitality™! There’s a reason parsley is considered one of the most versatile cooking herbs; the fresh, green flavor elevates a variety of recipes.

Brighten seafood, poultry, meat, and eggs as well as rice, pasta, and vegetable dishes by seasoning with a few drops of Parsley Vitality. Add to your favorite green smoothie and savor Parsley Vitality’s cleansing properties. Dilute 1 drop with 1 drop of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and take as a dietary supplement to access parsley’s antioxidants.

Cilantro Vitality 

If your recipe is feeling flat, flavor it up with a few drops of Cilantro Vitality™. Give soups, curries, dips, dressings, sauces, and marinades a zesty kick with this fresh-tasting essential oil. Try kicking your favorite guacamole recipe up a notch by adding 1 drop Cilantro Vitality and 1 drop Lime Vitality. 

When you’re not busy whipping up a batch of cilantro-flavored salsa, combine 1 drop Cilantro Vitality with 1 drop V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex in a capsule and take after a meal to show your immune system some love.

Cumin Vitality

The rich, spicy flavor of Cumin Vitality™ is like warm sunlight in a bottle. This new Vitality oil is a must for your kitchen spice rack! Transport yourself to Asia by adding a few drops to your favorite curry or take a trip to Latin America with a drop or two in your homemade enchilada sauce.  

Take advantage of Cumin Vitality’s cleansing benefits  by infusing water or hot tea with 1-2 drops of oil or add a couple drops to a capsule and take it daily as a dietary supplement to support a healthy digestive system.

Caraway Vitality

Caraway Vitality essential oil is steam distilled from the seeds of the plant, resulting in an essential oil with a warm, anise-like flavor. When used in cooking, Caraway Vitality brings a savory complexity to stews, sauces, dressings, and marinades. Looking to foster healthy digestion? Try 1-2 drops in water or tea. You can also place a couple of drops in a vegetable capsule as a dietary supplement to encourage overall wellbeing. 

We personally use vitality essential oils nearly everyday in our cooking in one way or another.  Micheal will always happily share his tips and tricks in using them. They taste great, have health benefits and have saved us a lot of money, so I’m really excited about these new additions to the Vitality line. 

I’m also planning to do another video dedicated to the Vitality line and WHY you would want these essential oils in your kitchen. The material will be heavily loaded with information provided from a professional chef.  

We then changed gears…

Seedlings Calm Essential Oil

I’d like to introduce you to the newest addition to the Seedlings® line: Seedlings Calm essential oil blend. This blend was formulated with your baby in mind. The carefully selected essential oils in this blend create a warm and welcoming environment. Top notes of Lavender and Coriander gently balance floral hints of Ylang Ylang and Geranium. The sweet aroma from this unique blend of botanicals calms feelings of fussiness and helps baby relax at bedtime. I wish they had this beauty when my girls were babies. 

Gray Pouch

A new favorite accessory was also launched! This gray pouch is made with vegan leather and beautiful lavender field lining. Show your love of Young Living wherever you go with the silver foil-stamped logo on the front. The cool new pouch features three mesh oil pockets and a hidden keychain. This must-have pouch keeps essentials—and essential oils—within reach wherever you go! 

Now, the next two products had a limited supply, so when they were released, it is with no surprise that they went out of stock extremely quickly. I’m still going to mention them so you can keep an eye open and when they reappear in the future so you know what they are all about and can grab them fast.  


When you want to celebrate a truly momentous year—including Young Living’s 25th anniversary, reach for YL’s Celebration™ essential oil blend. This blend’s rich, herbaceous aroma elevates emotional wellbeing and supports harmonic balance. Originally formulated by D. Gary Young, Celebration was offered exclusively in Europe to highlight the market’s grand opening back in 2014. This uplifting blend is currently available for a limited time to members across the globe.

French Lavender

Lavender plants in France began dying during the late ‘80s, Young Living Founder D. Gary Young took seeds home with him every trip he made. He planted the seeds at the St. Maries Lavender Farm and Distillery in Idaho, where the soil was untouched by fertilizers and pesticides. 

In 2010, after 20 years cultivating these plants, Gary took seeds back to France. 

The St. Maries lavender thrived while the native species struggled to grow, as it bloomed a full month before other native species.

Thriving, healthy Lavandula angustifolia—true lavender—has returned to its roots at our Lavender Farm and Distillery in southern France, currently the largest lavender farm in the world. This second generation of St. Maries lavender—grown and distilled in France—is available only while supplies last. Limit 1 per account! 

I even have a book that details more of this amazing story – a true eye opener. 

5×5 Pledge 

As we continue sharing our passion for essential oils with the world, Young Living wants to celebrate members who brilliantly exemplify our 5×5 Pledge!  This year they recognized these five Young Living members.

They’re the first recipients of our new 5×5 Awards—an expansion of our previous Spirit of Service Award. These members serve as role models for going green, serving others, sharing YL, being an advocate for Seed to Seal®, and expanding their teams globally.  It was amazing to listen to their stories at the Diamond Gala night that Micheal and I were honored to attend at convention. 

Now we know summer is a fun, crazy time full of vacations and on-the-go days. But Young Living is still all about eliminating waste, so ask us if you want more tips and join our zero-waste efforts while you’re out and about this summer.  No matter the time of year, going green is always in season! 

Global Guide:

As you continue to achieve your goals, we want to give you all the tools to do so! Our Global Guide is now available in our international markets and is an amazing tool to help you grow your teams around the world! Log into your Virtual Office and get access to these pages today!

Figures – Foundation:

We may have a focus on sharing whole-life wellness, but we also touched on the  one of the most powerful messages of the convention that came from The Young Living Foundation. 

Freedom Builders are pioneers who see potential, take action, and empower dreams. They’re essential to creating long-term, sustainable change in communities in direct need.

  • Last year, through direct member contributions, we raised over $4.7 million for the foundation. 
  • If just 2 million of our members worldwide had contributed as little as $1 per month, that would have raised enough to save 24 million children from malaria.
  • Or, almost 16 million meals served to individuals recovering from human trafficking. 


There are multiple ways you can join the Freedom Builders movement, which makes it effortless to make a vast impact in the lives of those who need a hand up the most. The easiest way is to set up a recurring monthly donation of just $1 or more! 

In supporting freedom for others, you can do this by texting Dreams to 9-10-11 to set up your recurring contribution.

Through as little as $1, you can save a child from malaria, provide a comforting meal to a rescued victim, give a child access to a quality education, and so much more. 

Please visit  to learn more.


We then wrapped up with questions and more food, as well as prizes and give-aways (including one of the amazing back packs from convention). No one left empty-handed. 

Even if you couldn’t make any of the rallies held across the country, let us know if you have any questions. We are here to support you!