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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

If you are searching for an online Math program where you don’t have to be the teacher, you’ll want to check out CTCMath. We had the privilege of receiving a 12-month Family Membership to this program. This has given all three of my girls the opportunity to experience this program. 

Program Overview: 

This online program covers Kindergarten to Calculus. During your membership period, each student account has access to all grade levels. This means there is a lot of flexibility as your student is not tied to a specific grade for the membership period.  

Each grade level is divided into multiple lessons that contain a short video, which clearly and concisely explain a mathematical concept. If you like the Australian accent, you’re going to love listening to the teacher in this program! 

The videos are then followed by questions related to what the student has learned and a score (percentage) is given.   When a student has reached a certain overall percentage for all the lessons in a particular section, they receive a certificate (Awards: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum). 

As my twins have now officially started 2nd Grade, this is where they started the program and the following gives you a very detailed look at the lessons for them by section and subsection:

Example of Program Details

  • Numbers, Patterns and Algebra (68 Lessons):
    • Whole Numbers:
      • 1 to 100 Number Chart, Patterns in Number Charts, Numbers up to 999 ,Writing the Numeral, Place Value, Rounding Off (Nearest Ten), Ordinal Numbers, Estimating, Ordering Numbers, and Rounding Off (Nearest Hundred).
    • Addition:
      • Adding up to 20, Number Line Addition, Single Digit Missing Numbers, Adding 10, 20, 30, …, Looking for Tens, Adding Three Numbers, Addition Facts, Addition of Larger Numbers, 2-Digit Addition (No Carry), and 2-Digit Addition (With Carry).
    • Subtraction:
      • Subtraction up to 20, Number Line Subtraction, Counting on to Find the Difference, Find the Missing Number, Subtracting 10, 20, 30…, Subtraction Facts, 2-Digit Subtraction (No Trading), Intro to Trading, 2-Digit Subtraction (With Trading), 2-Digit Subtraction (Borrow, Pay-Back), Word Problems and Number Sentences. 
    • Mental Strategies:
      • Equal Number Sentences, Looking for Patterns, Bridging Decades, Jump Strategy (Addition), Jump Strategy (Subtraction), Split Strategy, Doubles and Near Doubles, and Balancing Scales.
    • Multiplication:
      • Group totals, Doubles, Multiplication by Repeated Addition, Multiplication using the Number Line, Multiplication Arrays, Groups of (10, 5, 2), Times Tables (10x, 5x, 2x), Groups of (3, 4), and Times Tables (3, 4).
    • Division:
      • Division by Sharing, Division by Grouping, Division by Arrays, Division by Repeated Subtraction and Division from Multiplication. 
    • Fractions:
      • One Half, Comparison with a Half, One Quarter, Halves and Quarters.
    • Patterns: 
      • Number Patterns, and Patterns with Shapes.
    • Money:
      • Adding Coins, Paying for Things, and Getting Change.
  • Measurement (21 Lessons):
    • Length:
      • Non-Standard Lengths, Measuring in Inches, Measuring in Feet, Measuring in Yards, Measuring in Centimeters, Measuring in Meters, and The Meter. 
    • Area:
      • Covering with Squares and Half-Squares, and Comparing Areas.
    • Mass:
      • Heavier & Lighter, and Using Scales.
    • Volume & Capacity:
      • Home Many Blocks?,  Measuring in Cups, Measuring in Pints, Measuring in Gallons, Comparing Containers with 1 Liter, and Displacement.
    • Time:
      • Analog and Digital Time, How Much Time Has Passed?, The Calendar, and Months of the Year.
  • Space & Geometry (16 Lessons):
    • Angles: 
      • Angles and Right-Angles.
    • Plane Shapes: 
      • Naming Plane Shapes,  Horizontal, Vertical & Parallel lines,  The Rhombus, Trapezoid, The Kite, Line Symmetry, Flips, Slides and Turns, Tesselating Patterns, Describing Half & Quarter Turns.
    • Position:
      • Describing Position, Giving Directions
    • Solids:
      • 3D Objects – Faces, Edges and Corners, Top, Front and Side Views.
  • Statistics & Probability  (6 Lessons):
    • Chance:
      • Language of Chance (2 Parts), Reading and Adding Tally Marks, and Chance Experiments.
    • Graphs:
      • Picture Graphs and Column Graphs.

Each level (even the higher grades) is just as detailed, with very short lesson videos introducing and explaining each specific subject. 

Teacher/Parent Tools

When you login into your teacher/parent account you will be presented with a brief overview of you students on the Home page. This includes the number of lessons they have completed and their overall grade percentage. But there’s a lot more. CTCMath has a very comprehensive review system, where you can easily check on the progress of all your students. 

What I like, especially for older students, is that you can add tasks with specific lessons or diagnostic tests for them to complete. You can even hide the year level if you don’t want your child/student to see this. This is a very handy option for multiple reasons. 

You also decide a deadline date for each task. On this set date you’ll be sent an email with the Task Report detailing the student’s progress. 

There also a simple option to add weekly revision tasks for the school year, as well as a Question Bank Wizard and Tools section. 

Our Thoughts: 

The program is very easy to use, and I really like how all grades are included in the membership so you are not boxed into one specific grade. 

All three of my children (Grades 4 & 2)  would use their iPad to complete a lesson daily. If I wasn’t watching them, the weekly report that was emailed to me would show me which child may have sneakingly been doing something else instead of learning mathematics. You can also see these reports by logging into your parent/teacher account. 

I like that I can see which specific areas each child may be struggling with, and in need of extra attention. This also means you can see what your child has mastered, and they can move on without unnecessary reinforcement on these topics. 

All of my children like this program, and I see this as a great program to continue to improve their Math skills. Having a teacher there to explain different concepts and problems takes the pressure off me too. However, if you have a child that needs lots of explanation to understand a concept, or may need something explained in a different way, be prepared to step in. Remember, the videos are short and concise, so there aren’t exhaustive examples of how to find solutions to a question. But having said that, there are plenty of questions for them to practice to ensure each topic is mastered. 

This is a program that I would continue to use, especially as there’s no way they can hide their scores from me. I can also give them tasks to develop specific skills whether they are below or above their current official grade level.  

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