We are choosing a lifescape that focuses on elements of joy and wellness. Everyone has their own concept of what joy and wellness looks like in their life, and so we each must make our own decisions on our own paths. Lifescapes are molded through our differing priorities, beliefs and circumstances. Having said that, when we share we can all grow from the experiences of others, as well as our own. The nature of lifescaping is continual where we are always need of trim and prune – we are not perfect.

No life is perfect either. We all have ups and downs along the way, but that’s what creates the beauty of our individual lifescape. As we explore the elements and connections in our life that bring us joy and maintain wellness, we sometimes need to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. At the time, this doesn’t always feel so joyful. This is the time to see the bigger picture and notice how every element in a lifescape becomes the primary focus at different times throughout life. It’s okay. You cannot do everything at once; although we try to fool ourselves with this regularly.

For us personally, here’s our personal key elements we focus on for a positive impact toward joy and wellness:

– God, Marriage and Kiddos:

For us that’s the order – God has to come first. It’s not always easy, that’s for sure! Our girls may have come last on this list, but no doubt you’ll see more pictures of them than us. They play a major role in our lifescape in so many joyful ways. There are plenty of challenging moments too.

– Homeschooling Household :

To start with, this wasn’t an easy decision. One day we’ll sit down and empty our brains of how this all went down. We’re only at the beginning of this journey, but so far this has taken the meaning of family to another level for us. We feel blessed that we have this opportunity, and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. It also takes us back to wonder what education was really like before industrialization. Hint…Micheal is the only one ‘qualified’ to teach history in this household.

But if you don’t homeschool, don’t run away just yet. Katherine is a keen organizer, and although life tends to get in the way for running a tip-top ship, she’ll be sharing tips and tricks and specific tools that work for her. There will be no awards for her in the sparkling kitchen department, but she’s a definite contender for organizing large quantities in small spaces, problem solving and having three little ones out the door on time. Hint…Katherine hates being late.

– Food:

Yes, we love to eat! Isn’t there a saying out there… “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? So, it’s obvious that this topic will bring Micheal joy. But our perspective is changing. Health and wellness are involved too.

“Every time you eat you are either feeding disease or fighting it” – Dr.. Mark Hyman.

Katherine will still always reach for good chocolate and wine first, and people would probably guess that Micheal’s favorite cuisine has to be French…only because of his love for butter! He would also be the one diving into all things sugary sweet, but that has now changed. Diabetes has a way of not only changing how you see food, but making you do something about it. He doesn’t have a choice there – we want him to stick around!

It’s a good thing he loves to cook and experiment. We may not have the whole healthy eating plan down yet, but we’re heading in the right direction as are eyes have nearly popped out with what we’ve learned about the food industry in the last year or two. We will try not to depress you with that topic too much. So instead watch out, he’s got a lot of yummy recipes to share! They’ll be a great variety – he’s always working on something.

– Non Toxic Household:

Yet another topic that has a major link to our health. And believe me, we weren’t happy at all when we learned how toxic everyday products in our household were. Products that were lovingly used on our babies, putting on our own skin, cleaning with and breathing in daily. We was furious that we had trusted commercial slogans or popular products without researching their ingredients and known damaging effects to our health.
We won’t go into toxin statistics right now, but this topic itself is a lifescape changer!

– Essential Oils:

This is another lifescape changer; although to begin with this topic can be somewhat overwhelming for most. We felt that like that a few years back too. And yes, we still haven’t touched the surface of what there is to know about the plants God gave us, but through multiple resources (which we will share), our family has the confidence to use them daily. And what a difference they make.

Over time you’ll hopefully realize the great positive impact essential oils have had on our life. Not the cheap, untrustworthy, so called 100% pure kind you can buy at the store. Instead, we use those that don’t have use-by-dates here, and are safe to breathe in, apply topically and ingest – it’s not hard to learn the safety ‘instructions’. Remember, don’t believe us, do your own comparison tests. Then take it one step at a time and you’ll have the confidence too, as well as the knowledge of how to get the most out of every drop and penny. The only regret you’ll have is not starting with us earlier.

Of course any reference to essential oils are purely for informational purposes as we’re not here to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure. We always recommend you do your own research and seek professional advice.

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