What Is Lifescaping?

What is Lifescaping?Mountain waterfall and river

Does it really matter that ‘lifescaping’ is technically not a real word? Even though you may not currently be able to find it in the dictionary, it has great meaning in our family. And you may not know it, but your family is lifescaping in one way or another too.

So, let’s first check out the definition of ‘lifescape’. Pending approval, the Collins Dictionary defines it as:     “A narrative that details the intersection of events in an individual’s agency, emotions, health, socio-economic circumstance, cultural norms, and behaviors over their lifespan.”


Put simply…A lifescape is the story of how you act within your environment. Building on this, lifescaping is how you create your story.

Impacting Your Environment

It’s more than a static painted portrait or digital landscape. We are lifescaping continually and can change its overall mood. It’s a conscious work. We all have daily influences in our life. It’s up to us whether we choose to allow these to have a positive or negative impact in our own environment.

An example of this may start when I wake up on Monday morning and decide to go to the gym. What is that all about? Well, I’ve actively worked on an element in my environment…my health.

Nature in Action

Think of a river slowly carving out its path as it flows downstream. From a distance the river may appear to have a smootSunlight on the riverh mirror like quality reflecting the sunlight. But is this the true nature of the river? Of course not! The water may be languid near the bank, but in the middle it is deep and has a swift hidden current cutting through all obstacles over time. Walking along the bank you may find the effects of that current scattered along the bank; small pebbles which were once massive boulders worn down by the river. A river has an incredible and powerful force in nature that leads to change.

Lifescaping itself is a long process, which can be either active or passive. Like a river, we all have obstacles in our life, but we have more control. We get to decide how we go around them, through them, or whether we want to flow upstream or stay in a stagnate puddle. The choice is yours.

The Lifescaping Process

So, where does one start?

1. Decide.
Our family has decided to consciously take an active approach to life. We are lifescaping daily through our decisions, but the goal is to move forward in joy and in wellness. We would love for you to join us on the adventure too.

2. Prioritize.
Take an inventory of the various elements in your environment and prioritize them. This step will look different for everyone, but it’s a great way to highlight what’s truly important. This is especially the case when doing it as a family instead of individually, but that all adds to the adventure.

3. Add Your Signposts.
Every good path has signSign postposts. No one likes getting lost. So, set your goals as signposts you can see along your path. These signposts may mean changing direction occasionally, or act as a reminder that you’ve strayed off the path, but that’s all part of your story. It’s your lifescaping journey!


4. Celebrate.
Remember, we’re more powerful than a river! We get to choose our own goals along our path. Directions can be changed at any point, yet still celebrate each accomplishment along the way. Reactions to incentives differ from person to person. Find what works for you. The important factor is to remember to celebrate along your lifescaping journey.

We are lifescaping together as a family, and a team. There will be times when you may resonate with the way we are lifescaping with our family, and other times – definitely not. That’s ok. This is us and we want to support, encourage and share as we ride the ups and downs of our joy and wellness adventure.

2 thoughts on “What Is Lifescaping?”

  1. I find it interesting to look for the changes in your lifescape after having developed a new relationship. It really doesn’t matter if you meet a new co-worker or the love of your life, changes are etched into your lifescape.
    Of course I merged lifescsapes with my wife but then it expanded to include three wonderful daughters. The truth is that it expands everyday.

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