Essential Oil Combinations For Your Diffuser

Everyday this month I posted various essential oil combinations for you to try, all of which cover a common theme you’ll find in January. You can read about each one below, but don’t forget to tell us your personal favorite combination to diffuse in winter too. 

Diffusing suggestions for January

Wednesday, January 1: 2020 has arrived! Let’s get your home in the mood aromatically too.  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 2: Many people start January with big new goals and wanting a fresh start, so why not try this aroma too.

Friday, January 3: January can be very cold, and getting stuck indoors in for days on end is no fun. Try this minty combination to freshen up your home.

Saturday, January 4: It may be colder, but that’s no excuse not to sparkle and shine. Bling up the aroma in your home with this recipe:

Sunday, January 5: It’s a new day and Sunday officially starts a new week, so start a fresh with this recipe.

Monday, January 6: It’s 2020 and we have a lot to be joyful about. You’ll feel it too with this aroma.

Tuesday, January 7: I love Frankincense – it has so many benefits, many of which we covered in a webinar last year that I recorded and is on our website. Your brain will thank you for this combination.

Wednesday, January 8: Are you losing sight of your 2020 goals yet? Focus with this diffuser recipe:

Thursday, January 9: It’s popular to start a fitness goal in January. This aroma  will get you moving.

Friday, January 10: Did you workout too hard yesterday? Sit back and breathe easy with this diffuser combination.

Saturday, January 11: Do you want to feel good about yourself? This combination for your diffuser will put a confident spring in your step. 

Sunday, January 12: It’s Sunday….Relax!

Monday, January 13: It’s Monday…It’s about time you had your whole week planned out. Get thinking with this wonderful combination for your diffuser.

Tuesday, January 14: Still need some motivation to get through January? I love this essential oil combination when I need to get anything done!

Wednesday, January 15: Are you feeling a little run down with everything you’ve been getting up to in January? Give your body a boost with this combination so you can continue to say:  ‘All is well’

Thursday, January 16: What a wonderful combination of essential oils to put in your diffuser:

Friday, January 17: Who else is thankful for all that they have? Sit back and meditate on this topic as you breathe in this combination of essential oils. I hope you’ve allowed plenty of time as once you start thinking it may take you a while!

Saturday, January 18: Inspiration is an essential oil blend containing: Cedarwood, Black Spruce, Myrtle, Coriander, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Frankincense, Bergamot, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang AND Geranium. Add in a few drops of Lemon as well to your diffuser and you will be wide awake with the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Sunday, January 19: Happy times often occur when you get to spend the day with your family, but there can sometimes be tensions between family members. Diffuse this combination and I’m confident you’ll have a happier household. All of these essential oils came in the traditional Premium Starter Kit, so take them out of  your box, and enjoy!

Monday, January 20: My family and I got to plant Clary Sage at the Mona Farm back in July, and this essential oil is well known to help ladies. Combining it with one of my all time favorite aromas, spearmint, as well as lemon and you’ve got a winner to take on whatever Monday throws at you!

Tuesday, January 21: When it’s cold and dark sometimes we all need a mood booster. This one does the trick for me.

Wednesday, January 22: Do you still need some extra positive vibes to come your way? Try the essential oil combination in the graphic.Watch out…Myrrh can be VERY slow to exit its bottle. And if its lid is hard to get off, warm it up in your hands (or bra) for a while and make use of your lemon essential oil to remove the build up.

Thursday, January 23: Anyone here actually have Kunzea in their essential oil stash? It’s from the southern coasts of Australia and Tasmania and has some amazing properties! It’s wonderful at purifying the air, so it’s perfect for this diffuser combination when you want to ‘Clean It Up’.

Friday, January 24: We all know how draining the cold weather can be, especially when the sun is hidden, so here’s another one to get you in a positive mood.

Saturday, January 25: If you know me then you know Saturday is my rest day. My day off. Try this combination when you too want to feel restful. It’s works on any day.

Sunday, January 26: For those of you that need to relax and are too stressed already, even though we haven’t even finished the first month of the year, sit down and enjoy this beautiful essential oil combination: 

Monday, January 27: It’s the last Monday of the week. Start the traditional working week strong. Get focused and get things done!

Tuesday, January 28: We could all do with that extra bit of energy to finish up our month strong. Try this refreshing combination in your diffuser. 

Wednesday, January 29: Now I’ve used Palo Santo multiple times on my knees, but here’s a way to make it more enjoyable aromatically. And of course it’s always a good idea to live ‘In The Moment’. 

Thursday, January 30: There are times we could all use a little extra courage in our lives. But, can you imagine what the Israelites had to deal with, which is recorded for us in the book of Exodus? So, if you need a boost this is a wonderful combination for your diffuser.

Exodus II is a blend containing: Olive Oil, Myrrh, Cassia, Cinnamon Bark, Calamus, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Hyssop, Vetiver, Frankincense. I LOVE it! It  works wonders at this time of the year too when our immune systems are being attacked. 

Friday, January 31: No matter what you’ve had to deal with this month, or what’s ahead of you – think taxes – you’ve got a brain. Use it! This combination will help.The Brain Power blend contains: Sacred Sandalwood, Melissa, Helichrysum, Cedarwood, Blue Cypress, Frankincense, Lavender. These are AMAZING powerful essential oils!

Summary For Diffusing In January

This month we have covered thirty-one different essential oil combinations for you to try in your diffuser. These are not only suitable for January, but for anytime of the year, depending  on your needs.  The best part…they are great for your health, and a non-toxic lifestyle. Have you found a new aromatic favorite yet?

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