Essential Oil Humor

Animals can make anything funny! 

Monday mornings can be hard for some, so we started a weekly humor series that features animals exploring a lifestyle with essential oils. Many in the series have a double meaning, and even a serious message. But we hope the graphics at least bring a smile to your face.  

These were posted on our social media sites in April 2020, minus the funny hashtags:

 How do you think I got through raising three strong minded toddlers?

 It’s a good life. I do more than talk and dream about oils – I actually use them too! 

 We’ve all done it. Hot essential oils are no joke. Never add water – that makes it worse. Instead, quickly grab your hand lotion, lavender lip balm or any vegetable oil in your kitchen and apply! Feel the immediate relieve and relax. 

 Yep, that’s me! Every essential oil has unique benefits – I want to try them all! 

What’s Your Favorite Saying?

Do you have a favorite saying that you would like us to turn into a graphic involving essential oils? Essential oils can be a serious topic, but we like to find the funny side too. 

Send us your ideas and together let’s brighten up everyone’s Monday!