Essential Oil Humor – August 2020

– Animals can make anything funny! 

Monday mornings can be hard for some, so we created a weekly humor series that features animals exploring a lifestyle with essential oils. Many in the series have a double meaning, and even a serious message. But we hope the graphics at least bring a smile to your face.  

These were posted on our social media sites in August 2020, minus the funny hashtags:

 I can’t remember those days either! 

The essential oils I use can also be used on all kinds of loved animals and children, which makes all of our days better. 

All you need to know is a few extra safety guidelines. 

 You’re welcome! 

It only means that I love you and want the best for you. 

 Yes, oils can fix a face like this. Whether you believe in them or not, they can work wonders. 

But here’s a tip: When you have the good unadulterated essential oils, you only need a drop or too. Don’t waste your money by pouring them on. Instead, save the rest for the next time you’re in need. 

 We did a detailed class on CBD last year. Do you know how many toxins hemp plants suck up from the ground? You do not want all of that in your system.  Buyer beware. Know your source!!!

When you research the cost of the process and the right way to  distill essential oils for the most constituents, which actually help your body, you’ll quickly calculate these aren’t the ones found at the gas station or supermarket. There is a reason these options are so cheap. They may say 100% pure, but they’re not the real deal. Know the regulations to understand how they get away with filling bottles with hidden ingredients that can be harmful. 

If you have the money and time, compare brands yourself and it’ll be obvious which ones are more powerful and safer for your family. 

 You may not remember what’s in the Thieves essential oil blend, or the story behind its name. 

But in reality all you need to know is that it works, and how to use it safely for ALL things. The Thieves blend speaks for itself and is so popular that it has its own line of products.  

Moms, this is something you never want to be without! 

What’s Your Favorite Saying?

Do you have a favorite saying that you would like us to turn into a graphic involving essential oils? Essential oils can be a serious topic, but we like to find the funny side too. 

Send us your ideas and together let’s brighten up everyone’s Monday! 

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We’re passionate about helping families strive for health and wellness, and living a non-toxic lifestyle. To us this also means homeschooling, choosing joy, exploring, making everyday count, and doing our research. We know it’s not an easy journey, but we’re doing our best and trying to make the right choices for our family.

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