Essential Oil Humor

– Animals can make anything funny! 

Monday mornings can be hard for some, so we created a weekly humor series that features animals exploring a lifestyle with essential oils. Many in the series have a double meaning, and even a serious message. But we hope the graphics at least bring a smile to your face.  

These were posted on our social media sites in September 2020, minus the funny hashtags:

 Research has proven that diffusing essential oils can make a difference. Have you noticed how relaxed you may feel, or how you have an increase in energy depending on the specific essential oil you diffuse? 

Talk about helping your emotions too! Essential oils have unique properties that work with our bodies. Let’s make the most of the plants we have been given, and use them to keep us all in a better mood!

 We all use essential oils in a different way, and that includes how we choose which oil to use. There are times when I pull out all my reference books, or ask what others in our community have found helpful for something specific, and then there are times when I randomly pick one off my shelf. 

The more you use oils, the more comfortable you’ll feel and you’ll learn there is an art behind the science too.  All you have to do is start! 

 It’s true! You’ll understand that better if you’ve seen my collection? 

We were given plants that naturally help us for all kinds of things. And guest what? 

The essential oils we choose to use only contain the plants! AND, they’ve been harvested in a way to ensure that they are at their most powerful so we get the benefits when they reach our hands.

 I still remember the pain in my heart when this happened to me for the first time. 

What was the first oil you ran out of that sent you into mourning? For me it was the Stress Away blend. Well, I did have a three-year old and one-year old twins at the time. That oil was a daily essential for sure!

What’s Your Favorite Saying?

Do you have a favorite saying that you would like us to turn into a graphic involving essential oils? Essential oils can be a serious topic, but we like to find the funny side too. 

Send us your ideas and together let’s brighten up everyone’s Monday! 

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