Essential Oil Humor

– Animals can make anything funny! 

Monday mornings can be hard for some, so we created a weekly humor series that features animals exploring a lifestyle with essential oils. Many in the series have a double meaning, and even a serious message. But we hope the graphics at least bring a smile to your face.  

These were posted on our social media sites in October 2020, minus the funny hashtags:

 Okay, so my superpower isn’t so secret. But the important factor is that I have a superpower and I’m not afraid to use it to make a positive difference in life! 

 Someone somewhere always thinks they have a valid excuse as to why they shouldn’t try essential oils.  

Instead, why not analyze how much you prioritize  making a change in your lifestyle, and overall wellness. Who wouldn’t want nature to do its work?

If expense happens to be your reasoning, let me help you with the math and show you that they are attainable and worth every penny. 

Make a difference in your life, and I’ll share with you the savings we’ve made in our household. 

 I’m so glad this doesn’t happen to me. I’ve set up my account so I get what I want when I want it. 

But yes, this would be my face if I missed out on all the additional rewards for not placing an order. 

Everyone has different needs though, so I never pressurize anyone to put in a monthly order. It’s optional, but the savings and added bonuses make it worth it for most people. 

Do what’s best for you and your family! But don’t get mad with me when you realize you’ve missed out on a host of benefits. 

 The wise old owl! 

I can’t help but laugh, as this reminds me of my husband. When we were first married his first response to fix anything was always: “Shall I get the duct tape?”

What’s Your Favorite Saying?

Do you have a favorite saying that you would like us to turn into a graphic involving essential oils? Essential oils can be a serious topic, but we like to find the funny side too. 

Send us your ideas and together let’s brighten up everyone’s Monday! 

Hi there, we’re Micheal & Katherine!

We’re passionate about helping families strive for health and wellness, and living a non-toxic lifestyle. To us this also means homeschooling, choosing joy, exploring, making everyday count, and doing our research. We know it’s not an easy journey, but we’re doing our best and trying to make the right choices for our family.

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