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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

We could all do with a little extra help when it comes to teaching our children, and that’s what aims to provide. They kindly gave me access to their HelpTeaching Pro Subscription so I could explore more and give you a review.  

What is

This is a website that provides you with a range of tools geared toward online testing. Their website is organized by:

  • Tests & Worksheets
  • Lessons
  • Test Maker
  • Worksheet Generator
  • Online Testing
  • My Content

‘My Content’ would be the page that you’ll find the tests you’ve personally created, as well as ‘How To …’ guides so you get the most out of this program and the tests you want to create. 

They also have their blog linked to the website for additional information and tips. 

So, how would you feel about scheduling online lessons and test dates for your children to do independently? With this system you can assign all of that and sit back and relax as they do their work. What about assignments that focus on the top 100 SAT words? However, this review has a focus for those of you with younger children or those that would rather not work completely online.  

What Do They Provide?

A lot! has many free offerings, but with a HelpTeaching Pro Subscription you get more flexibility with creating and scheduling unlimited online tests and worksheets, or using homeschool resources. You also get access to online lessons for various topics, and you can even send up to 500 students into their Test Room. Now I only have three children, but this may come in very handy for others. 

It’s really easy to navigate around the website and search by grade or topic. For the purposes of this I selected Grade 1, and you can see the vast amount available in the screenshots above, but there was a lot more. For example the overall topics, in alphabetic order, include:

  • Early Education (Printable Clip Cards)
  • English Language Arts (ESL, Grammar, Handwriting, Informational Stories & Texts, Literature, Spelling, Text Analysis, Vocabulary and Writing)
  • Math (Addition, Arithmetic & Number Concepts, Elementary Math, Geometry & Measurement, Money, Place Value, Shapes, Subtraction, Time and Word Problems)
  • Physical Education 
  • Science (All Elementary Science, Animals, Astronomy, Earth Science, Forces and Motion, Life Science and Weather)
  • Seasonal and Holidays (Christmas & Winter, Easter & Spring, Summer, Thanksgiving & Fall) 
  • Social Studies (US History)

There are some crossovers by grade, which you would expect. But there are many differences too, such as the stories and literature topics, as well as taking subjects to another level. You can see this in the screenshots below, which are some of the Grade 3 options.

I recommend you take a look at the vast amount of topics available on their website, as it would be impossible for me to cover everything here. Remember, they go up to Grade 12.

How We Used Our HelpTeaching Subscription

We used this system in several different ways; although I didn’t take advantage of their Test Room capabilities. In my opinion my children are too young for this. However, that makes this system a very powerful one. This is especially the case when you want to reduce paper waste, and you have multiple children that you want to test in a variety of ways.  

For us, we watched a couple of the video lessons. The videos provide a lot of information in a very short amount of time, so have your finger ready on the pause button to allow time for younger children to catch up or to ensure the information has been understood.  

I also created a couple of my own tests on various subjects; although I made it easier on myself by selecting a questions others had already used. I did this by picking and choosing questions I found after conducting a search on these topics. This is a great way if you want to see how much your child has retained on a topic you’ve recently studied. 

As my children are younger, I prefer the printable worksheets, instead of using them as online tests. However, rather than thinking up your own questions, you can use premade quizzes for various topics, including books that you have read. For example Blueberries for Sal is a book all my girls like so that was very simple to administer. My six year olds also did several worksheets  where they were given questions related to the information provided. These included topics such as dolphins, camping and the weather. 

Our Favorite Section

The worksheet generator is very powerful when you want to create math practice worksheets and bingo games. It also generates word search puzzles, which all of my children love. If yours do too, then you’re going to LOVE their printable Word Search Worksheets. You can print these by topic, which we did for the Butterfly Life Cycle. This was very appropriate for us as we currently have caterpillars eating up our vegetables in our garden. However, my favorite part was creating my own. Do you know how long it would take to manually create your own word search? Too long, for sure!

Drum role…Using this system I made a word search on the topic of ‘Our Family’, using my own chosen words. I could have picked any words or topic in the world, but obviously my imagination needs a little help.  Within a couple of minutes I had created a word search for each of my girls. What’s important here is that each word search was different. So, even though the clues are the same, there is no looking over your sister’s shoulder for the answer. For me, this was pretty impressive. 

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