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Disclaimer. I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

Do you want an online science program that has hands-on activities too? We were given Experience Biology (Elementary) from Journey Homeschool Academy to review, and we plan to continue to use it this year for all my girls.

What’s Included In This Program?

This online Experience Biology course is geared towards 6-11 year olds; although they have high school courses too.  The program contains 30 Lessons and covers a variety of biology topics:

  1. Introduction to Biology
  2. The Building Blocks of Life
  3. The Secret Code of Life
  4. Fueled Up!
  5. What’s in a Name?
  6. Biomes Everywhere!
  7. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Creatures
  8. The Junk Drawer Kingdom
  9. The Fungus Among Us
  10. What is a Plant?
  11. The Wide World of Plants
  12. The Powerhouse of Plants
  13. Roots & Shoots
  14. The Pollination Equation
  15. Seed Bearing Fruit
  16. Animals Galore!
  17. Silly Sponges
  18. Wiggly Worms
  19. Majestic Medusas and Patient Polyps
  20. Spiny Skinned Savages
  21. Meddlesome Mollusks
  22. Intrepid Insects
  23. Spindly Spiders
  24. Crabby Crustaceans
  25. The Vast World of Vertebrates
  26. Funky Fish
  27. Amazing Amphibians
  28. Resplendent Reptiles
  29. Blissful Birds
  30. Marvelous Mammals

At the time of writing this only the first 16 lessons were up on their website, but as promised they have consistently uploaded these lessons at a steady pace as they put final touches to their videos. I fully expect that they will have all 30 lessons up on the website before we need them.

Program Overview

The central focus for each lesson contains a 15 minute video. These videos are packed with a lot of valuable information, and eye catching images. After watching the video you then have options for further education via the extra material that is provided. This extra material for each lesson is pulled together into one PDF and includes the following resources:

  • A Reading List
  • Activity Guide
  • Memory Cards
  • Copywork
  • Quiz

There is also a memory video to accompany each lesson.

What’s great is that you pick and choose what suits your family and the needs for your child. For example, during our review period we chose to do the quizzes for each of the lessons we completed. They are short and the multiple answer format always makes quizzes more fun. Unfortunately as our library is currently still hasn’t reopened thanks to the recent lockdown, we have been unable to review the books that were recommended. However, we did turn to the scriptures that were suggested and used other books we already had at home that linked to each lesson topic we were studying.

Our Thoughts

This is a very easy curriculum to incorporate for multiple children, as we did. What’s really helpful is that it’s geared to multiple learning styles. There is a great mixture of quality videos that grab your attention, reading suggestions and hands-on activities. So whether you want to watch a plant grow, compare vertebrates & invertebrates with play dough, or make your own candy DNA, there is something to help those that love to get their hands dirty. There are also activities that require less gathering of supplies such as this one where you get to explore the world of cells through coloring.

In summary the program is very easy to navigate around and use.  It’s entertaining, very educational and makes teaching Homeschool Biology very easy.  A special bonus for me is that this program also connects everything that is taught back to the Bible. Even some of the memory work involves memorizing scripture. There was something in this program for each of my girls, and they look forward to these science lessons.

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