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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

I sometimes hear from moms worrying about having to teach math to their children. Well, this is where Math Refresher for Adults from Math Essentials comes in handy, and it’s a way to build your own personal confidence too. Math Essentials

There’s no reason to struggle with math problems, whether you find yourself bombarded by your children shoveling their math homework in your face, or if your dream job requires a few extra math skills that you cannot even remember learning in school. 

You can see it right on the front cover, there are several reasons why you may need this Math Refresher for Adults book:

  • You have a math phobia.
  • You have forgotten most of the math that you learned.
  • You want to be able to help your kids with their homework.
  • You are re-entering the workforce.
  • You are returning to college and will be taking a math placement test.
  • You are applying for a job that requires a math competency test.
  • You are entering a medical or tech field.
  • You need to improve your math skills to advance your career.
  • You are preparing for the SAT/PSAT.
  • You are preparing for the PRAXIS Test……

Here’s a neat surprise! This isn’t only a book, but it also comes with access to free online tutors for each lesson. And their books and videos are also in Spanish, if you prefer! 

The book starts with providing you with several tips of how to use the book. Each lesson has two sample problems, and it’s recommended that you work through these and check your answers before starting with the rest of the lesson. Review exercises are also provided to help with retaining what you’ve learned along the way. 

So what’s covered?

This book has 260 pages full of review exercises, practice problems, a final review, solutions, a glossary and useful reference tables. Its Contents Table is very detailed, which makes it easier to find a specific topic. This is very handy as the book covers several key topics, as you can see in this quick summary of what’s covered:

Whole Numbers: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division….

Fractions: Simplest forms, changing improper fractions, common denominators, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing…..

Decimals: Reading, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing….

Percents: Changing to decimals and fractions, word problems…

Geometry: Points, lines, planes, angles, polygons, circumferences, areas…

Integers: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division…

Charts & Graphs: Bar, line, circle, picture….

Word Problems: Whole numbers, fractions, decimals, multi-step word problems…

Pre-Algebra & Algebra: Sets, integers, fractions, decimals, exponents, square roots, order of operations, properties of numbers, ratios & proportions, percents, coordinates, number theory & lines, graphing linear equations, algebra word problems, probability, statistics….

It is suggested that you use this book daily, but not for more than an hour. As mentioned, the book is full for questions, including plenty of word problems that help bring math to life.  

This refresher program is math with no fluff. It’s designed not to waste your time and it gets straight down to business. There are many valid reasons to use this refresher course, and don’t forget to use the videos when you need extra support that isn’t given in the book directly. This is not the book for you if you’re expecting pages of explanation, but depending on how much ‘refreshing’ you need, you may find the ‘helpful hints’ in each section enough.

As expected solutions are found in the back. However, you also get a glossary, which is great if you can’t remember the meaning of unfamiliar terms, as well as a section called “Important Symbols and Tables”. There were several symbols I didn’t remember so that was handy, as well as the tables for multiplication, prime numbers, squares & square roots and fraction & decimal equivalents. These pages will come in very useful as my girls progress in Math. I love a good cheat sheet, especially when they don’t know about it. 

How I used this book:

I used this curriculum as a supplement as I don’t have a personal need right now to increase my Math Skills for the level that my children are at, and their homeschool needs; although I did come across a few helpful tricksthat I had forgotten about when you’re not using a calculator or an Excel spreadsheet. I know these will come in handy in the near future.

For me, I admit I didn’t do every question. I would randomly pick questions in each section and if I got them right with no problems I moved on. I then took extra time in sections that I needed extra brushing up on, as well as some of the practice problems at the end and the final review.   

This is also a book my husband wants to go through at a later date. 

My Thoughts

These books cover a lot of material, but they are easy to navigate thanks to contents pages for both books and videos. I surprised myself that I did as well as I did. Well, it has been nearly two decades since I was at University. The book gave me confidence again, and I’m ready for the next time my oldest daughter (8 years, going on 15) tries to challenge me because I’m not her grandfather, who happens to be a math published author. 

You can surprise yourself and have confidence too. 

In a couple of years this will be a great book for me to review specific sections, and to potentially use as extra practice for the girls if they are having difficulties in certain aspects of their math lessons. 

I did appreciate the let’s-get-straight-to-it approach, but the supporting videos are key, especially as people learn in different ways and may need extra explanation.  The videos are very short and straight to the point, and I may also use them to explain concepts to my children when they don’t understand the way I’m trying to explain something.

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