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Disclaimer: I received a FREE subscription of MAXSCHOLAR through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

Product Overview

If you have been searching for a program to help with your child’s reading comprehension, you may want to check out MaxScholar. We received a 6-month subscription to their MaxScholar Orton-Gillingham Software, which included a teacher account and student accounts for each of my children.

You can use this online program on multiple devices, and it also has multiple reference material to help you, as well as to support your child’s progress. 

I recommend that you look further into the approach of Orton-Gillingham when it comes to teaching your children to read. This is what the MaxScholar program is based upon. It is designed to improve reading skills using a multi-sensory approach via online activities. 

Program Details

This program from MaxScholar provides multiple avenues that your child can explore and work on to develop their reading comprehension. 

First of all, each child takes a placement test. After this, as their teacher, you can still change the level that they are placed if you prefer. This means there are options to ensure you find the level that’s right for your child.  

Each child has their own dashboard (MyMax). From here my twins (aged 6) were able to choose between MAXPHONICS or MAXREADING as they are in the Pre K- 2 category.

My oldest (aged 8) also had the option of choosing MAXWORDS, which is available for Grade 3 and above. At these higher levels they also have extras such as MAXMUSIC, MAXPLACES, MAX VOCAB and MAXBIOS.

Here is a summary of each of these sections:

his is for those from Pre-K onwards, specifically those aged 5-7. Its purpose is to ensure each child has grasped the basics of phonics. There are four modules in this section:

  • Pre-K
  • Alphabet
  • Blends 
  • Digraphs 

This section has several reading topics that can be chosen, each with multiple ‘chapters’ (reading sections). It is divided into Levels 0-12.   Depending on the level chosen, a child could be asked to read the chapter, review key vocabulary, highlight sections (topic, main idea and important details), give an outline and answer questions.  A grade is then given once a chapter has been completed. 


This gives your child the opportunity to explore words at a deeper level. Categories in this section include:  CLOVER (syllabication), Spelling Rules, Prefixes & Suffixes, Latin Roots and Greek Roots.  

The following sections are like bonuses that continue to support reading comprehension

If your child loves music then they are really going to like this section. Here they get to pick an artist and song of their choice. They read the song lyrics and then have to answer questions, such as highlighting all the verbs and then filling in the blanks. 


This is a great way to learn about other countries and their cities while apply highlighting skills they’ve learned in the MAXREADING section. 


his section allows your child to review a specific word found in one of the levels and learn its definition, how to use it in a sentence, as well as its synonyms and antonyms.


This section allows the child to continue to practice their reading skills while also having an opportunity to learn more about important and influential people via categories such as:

  • Entertainment
  • Fascinating Men
  • Old School Musicians
  • Hip-Hop Artists
  • Amazing Women
  • Business
  • Star Athletes

A student also has various games they can play, such as Hangman. 

How We Used The Program

After their placement test I was able to let each child explore independently and have ‘fun’ on their iPads. They required little help from me as there are verbal instructions in each section. 

My twins have especially struggled with learning to read, but in recent months as they have made significant progress I wanted them to have more control over what they chose to read. Like a reward, and encouragement for them to keep improving. This was really easy to do due to the plethora of ‘chapters’ they could choose from.  

Teacher’s Account

However, thanks to my own teacher’s account, I found out that all of my children were only using the MAXREADING section. Despite all the options they had, they stuck to the first option they had chosen, and happened to like. Why am I not surprised? 

Being able to access some very detailed reports means that I can see exactly where improvements are needed.  There is even a ‘Recommend Teacher Intervention’ at the bottom of the Progress Monitoring section. I love that you can look at each child separately, or as a class. The later comes in very handy for me when I want to have a quick check at the progress of all three children at the same time. For example, it shows me which child may be skipping out of school time early, and how well they are scoring on average. 

So with our current results we are going to continue on, but I’m also going to ask my twins to review some of the MAXPHONICS. I know they enjoy the MAXREADING chapters, and even though I know they didn’t fully grasp some of the highlighting requirements, you can see which chapters they scored well in, and others…not so much. 

Materials’ Section

One tool I should have taken advantage of at the beginning is the ‘Materials’ section in the teacher’s account. There are many resources in this section. This is where I learned that the program works best using ‘Chrome’, among other tips. One of the documents that I’ve already used references the words that are timed in the MAXWORDS’s CLOVER section.  As my oldest has yet to explore this section I wanted to see what specific words she struggled with, if any.  At the same time I could personally check her fluency.

In Summary 

MaxScholar is packed full of ways to improve a child’s reading comprehension, no matter their reading level. The detail of being able to track your child’s progress while they are able to learn independently is very appealing. The options to print individual reports and keep for your personal records is a good advantage. I also love being able to see where improvements need to be made for each child, especially when they don’t realize I’m checking up on them. 

Even though this program has worked well for the different learning styles of my girls, I would recommend taking advantage of the 15-day FREE trial to see if it would be a good fit for your family. 

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