Mind Your Brain


Let’s be clear, my university classes didn’t cover anything of significance about the brain. The brain may be fascinating, but I’m not qualified to teach about this vital topic. So, I’m bringing in the professionals for you…both academic and clinical.

Micheal, my husband, has had the opportunity to work with specialists in the field of neuroscience throughout his career. However, the star of all the classes listed below will be Elizabeth Erickson, M.S., a neuroscientist who recently released her book: “Mind Your Brain”.

Elizabeth Erickson

Elizabeth is a writer, researcher, and educator mapping solutions for individuals and systems. She studied Journalism at Southern Methodist University before obtaining her Master of Science in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Can the brain change? Can trauma and memories be reversed? Join us as we discover how the brain is affected by our thinking and choices, and how essential oils can influence that as well. There is a plethora of data explaining how essential oils can affect the brain and body in powerful ways.

Elizabeth Erickson states the following:

“It’s time to move past the blocks and optimize the life you were meant to live. My desire behind Mind Your Brain was to set the table for people of all shapes and sizes from around the globe to discover health and wholeness. And believe it or not, healing begins from within.

Just in case no one has said it to you of late, let me assure you that there is greatness inside of you. It just needs the chance to come out.

We’re talking about freedom here. You don’t have to earn it, but you do have to learn it.”


You’ll want to hear Elizabeth’s story, and how she embarked on her own healing journey and discovered the mind-body connection for herself.

Can you get to The Colony in Texas?

If you live in Texas, and are in driving distance to The Colony, you will not want to miss one of our in-home classes. In a short period of time, and with the help of Elizabeth, we’re going to explore and learn more about how essential oils and other key nutritional ingredients can specifically assist various aspects of our brain. As well as the technical basics, topics such as memory function, sleep, stress and even emotional support will be covered.

Micheal and I will put together subject appropriate samples for you to test the findings for yourself. We will also provide complimentary ITOVI scans where modern science will assist you in finding out what support your own body needs.

Are you located in another part of the world?

Thankfully Tina Dorenbecker is hosting an online version of this class from Elizabeth, and you’re welcome to join. This is an excellent way to excite your mind and ignite your passion for daily and long-term brain support, no matter where in the world you live. Watch out though…there will be no replay so make sure you calculate the right time in your time zone.

Which Class Date Will You Pick?

So here are the current dates we have for you. Don’t miss one of these very special opportunities to learn this valuable information on how you can support a healthy brain function “naturally”. And at no cost to you!


There will not be any recordings made of any of these classes. So, to ensure there is a seat saved for you, or to receive the online webinar link, please register in advance via the appropriate link below:


Wednesday Oct 17, 2018. 7:30pm-9pm (Central Time):

In Person – The Colony, TX:

Thursday Oct 18, 2018. 7pm-9pm (Central Time):

Friday Oct 19, 2018. 1pm-3pm (Central Time):


Please contact us if you really want to attend one of these classes but have a schedule conflict.

To buy Elizabeth’s book and/or DVD, please visit her website here.