So who are we?

This could turn into an extremely long message. So, let us try to give you a quick overview. You can learn more about us via our blog over time.

Before Marriage

Micheal was a single, pick-up truck loving Texan (still is) that worked the hospital night shift for way too long. Then shortly before he hit 40, enter Katherine, who he now claims as his own English rose. Before Micheal blew her off her feet, she was living a busy life in London as she traveled around Europe for work and fun. They quickly realized they were right for each other, but the visa application process to get married is a nerve-racking experience. It went smoother than either of them could have hoped. Now it was time to set up home together in Texas – a state that is nothing like England.

After Marriage

Micheal  had to deal with change too. He now had a wife who knows what she likes and not afraid to speak her mind, a small car was added (easily lost in any Texan parking lot), they had their first child, and not long after he waved goodbye to his beloved pick-up. Then after the shock of expecting twins had settled a little, he did not even kick up a fuss when the minivan discussion ensued. The single life was long gone.

From our Perspective

It is obvious how God brought us both together. We had previously met several years before we started dating. Although we had a brief connection the moment we first met, we were in two very different spaces. We were not ready for each other and both had a lot of growing up to do before we were ready to be there for each other. Of course, we did not realize that at the time. God knows the bigger picture. Finding the right person when you want to in your early twenties is not for everyone. We had to experience carving out our own lifescapes before we were ready to journey together. Moreover, as patience is not exactly either of our strong points, it turns out that we had both given up on finding that equal partner that brings out our best. You know, that right person to live the rest of your life with through all the ups and downs that we all must deal with in different ways.

Looks can be Deceiving

We may be a serious couple that is always ready to get down to business, but behind closed doors it is a different story. It is not abnormal for any stray flies on our walls to catch us being silly with our girls. We like pumping up the music and pretending we can all dance. It is not a pretty sight. Amongst ourselves we do not care that we act like dorks, have strange senses of humor, or nose-dive as we try something new. That is the beauty – at least we tried.

The End Result

Even though we aim to show some of our many facets and give you an insight into our world of lifescaping, the only way to know someone truly is in person. So, reach out and get to know us. In the meantime, find out more about what makes us tick and gives us joy throughout this website.

We want to share our experiences, what has help, and the pitfalls to avoid. Never forget though that the decisions you make in life will be different to ours. This is a good thing as you consider your own variables. As we live our daily life, who does not want to also experience joy and wellness that we strive toward? Ultimately though, we believe there are much better things to come (our inner hope).