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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

Are you looking for a way to make math drills fun? Well, that’s what happened in our household when we tried several products from Page A Day Math.

Page A Day Math provides quality Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Starter Kits, which are mainly for those up to the age of 9.  As well as receiving a fun package in the mail containing the Addition Starter Kit for one of my twins, I also downloaded all four of the Starter Kits, and several of their handwriting books for all of my children to use. 

In the Addition Starter Kit there are 10 books. Each of these books are divided into 14 days of work, and a child only has two sides of a page to complete each day. That equates to 24 questions per day, with review days having 28 questions. On a non-review day there is a visual to help the child learn a new addition fact, which they then trace and copy. There are also encouraging words for the child throughout each book, along with fun characters.

The pictures above show everything we received in our Addition Starter Kit. If you choose a downloadable version for one of the kits, below is an example of the individual PDFs, as well as some screen shots inside the files. 

Before we began, all my children took their Math Fluency Assessment. Each assessment has four parts, and it became pretty clear that even though they understood the concept of addition, they didn’t have the speed expected. These assessments were a great tool to test their fluency, and it showed the need for lots of practice. Yay, math facts! Good thing we have these products to help them practice, right?

It took my 6 year old twins nearly three times as long to complete Part 1, so we didn’t continue with the assessments; although we will be coming back to these later. I did give the digital downloads of all four math operations to my 8 year old for fun, and again she knew all the answers, but it took longer than suggested. They all thought it was fun – it’s very rare that they get to use the timer to do some school work, and there wasn’t any unnecessary pressure. 

These books are designed to be a supplement for any math curriculum. You can focus on the needs of an individual child. Thanks to the assessment I knew exactly which book my child needed to start on. However, I had to stop her from trying to do too many pages in one day. Forget one page a day. 

Final Thoughts:

I mentioned earlier of the handwriting books that I also downloaded.  I like the concept of these, which are in both cursive and print. However, these didn’t work for our family as my girls prefer smaller lines, rather than what seems to be the standard height for writing at this level.

I gave the assessment again to my girls a couple of days ago and they have all improved with their timing, but we still have a way to go.  What’s important to note is that math drills can be seen as monotonous, but my girls found these attractive and were happy to try another ‘test’. 

Having fun characters has brought math alive for the twin that is going through the physical books. As a side note, if you catch her tracing the characters in her spare time, then you know she’s liking the math books themselves. 

What’s also good is that children can work through these books independently and it improves both their math and handwriting skills. The books are very well laid out and the characters add value, without being distracting. 

There are also Review Books, which I’ll be printing for my girls to go through to help improve their math fluency. These provide random questions for one math operation per book. The downloadable flashcards will also come in very handy. 

I know of the importance for math fluency practice, and now they won’t be seen as boring math drills in our household. 

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