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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of A New Coat For Anna Study Guide through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

After looking at numerous products that Progeny Press provide, I was very excited to be asked to review: A New Coat for Anna Study Guide

This study guide is a digital PDF eBook and targets Grades K-3. Purchasing the book to accompany this guide is required, but that didn’t bother me. I thought this story would be very appropriate for my children to study, especially during the recent times of lockdown and other unexpected changes in this world. I say this as A New Coat for Anna is set shortly after World War II, where money was tight and everyday items (that we take for granted) were in short supply. It’s a short book based on a true story that my girls individually read to me, and then in turn I read aloud to them. 

What’s In The Study Guide?

The study guide is only 30 pages long, and except for the cover page, it can easily be printed in black and white. However, you have the flexibility to print specific pages, or the whole guide as many times as you need. There is also a three page document containing all the answers. 

Even though this may appear to be a short guide, it is packed full with valuable information and tasks, and has a nicely laid out Table of Contents:

  • Notes to Instructor: This is especially handy if you’ve never used one of Progeny Press’ literature guides before.
  • Synopsis: A quick reminder of the story line and whose life it is based upon. 
  • Background Information: A quick insight to life around World War II times.
  • Before-you-read Activities:  One of the suggestions was to watch the movie The Sound of Music, but we saved this until afterward as a reward for completing the study. 
  • As-you-read Activities: My girls completed these as I slowly read through the book to them again. 
  • Vocabulary: Contains a range of words to define and also use in a Mystery Words quiz.
  • Looking at the Story: This section contains several questions that make you think about different aspects of the story, or feelings. There is also an activity to take measurements, and a reference to Bible scripture. 
  • Dig Deeper: Here your child has the opportunity to consider patience in more detail, and Biblical scriptures are intertwined with several of the questions.  Other qualities of a noble woman are also discussed.
  • After-you-read Activities: Now’s the time to get cooking, and do an art project or two. 
  • Word Search: Your child is asked to answer questions in order to know what to search for. 
  • Additional Resources:  This section gives you plenty of book suggestions (by grade level), along with magazine and video recommendations. 

Our Thoughts

This was a very easy-to-use, but thorough study guide. My girls really enjoyed doing this, and I’m pleased as it coincides with the time period we will be studying for History this school year. They actually what to learn more about World War II now. So, I will be returning to the Additional Resources section for choosing further books this year, and no doubt we will have to watch The Sound of Music again. 

Little Anna has left an impression on all of my girls. Thanks to this guide they have a better understanding that somethings in life are out of our control, but our attitude still matters and can make a difference. Of course, they also want to find a sheep to shear so they too can have their own coats made. This is when I’m secretly glad and very thankful we now have something called ‘online shopping’.

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