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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 


My daughters have been using a learn to read program from Blake eLearning Inc. called Reading Eggs. This is an online program, and we were given a one-year subscription for our family that accommodates up to four children. 

Program Overview

Reading Eggs can be used via an App or computer, and it actually contains several different individual programs for ages 2-13:

  • Library: Chose from thousands of books by subject and reading level.
  • Reading Eggs Junior (ages 2-4): Choose from Explore the Lands, Books, Videos and Activities. 
  • Reading Eggs (ages 3-7): Choose from Lessons, Storylands, Spelling, Driving Tests, Story Factory and more.
  • Reading Eggspress (ages 7-13): The contents of this program are detailed later in this review.
  • Fast Phonics (ages 5-10): This is their newest learning path that has a Yeti theme. As the child completes lessons they get to change their Yeti and improve its campsite. There are age appropriate books to choose from too. 
  • Mathseeds (ages 3-9): Reading Eggs is not only about reading, as this program has Math lessons too. Extra sections in this program include Mental Minute and Driving Tests.
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The first decision is to chose the individual area/program for your child to start. Even though suggested ages are given, you can changes programs depending on your child’s needs. There is a placement test that your child can take in Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress and Mathseeds to determine at what stage along the map (lesson) course they should start. 

My 7 year old twins did start off on the Reading Eggs program, but then joined their sister in the Reading Express program for most of the time. Even though I can see that they have significantly increased their Lexile score since they first took their placement test, there is still the option to go back and reinforce specific areas of reading. 

This overall program has so much to it that as Reading Eggspress is the individual program all my daughters used the most, this is where I will focus in this review. 

What’s Included?

Within the Reading Eggspress’ individual program there are many options to help you child. The main educational course is the map where lessons and fun tasks are given to the child. Once all the lessons are completed on a map your child (and their avatar) more onto the next map.

The other options available within this program include:

  • English Skills: Fun spelling questions and tests.
  • Stadium: Play against others and see your scoring by categories of Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary and Usage.
  • Library: This is the same library as mentioned earlier.
  • Target: Provides a list of targets for the child to achieve.

There are also fun extras:

  • Mall: This is a place for the child to spend the ‘eggs’ they have received.
  • Apartment: Here your child can go to their home and review their trading cards, change their avatar and review their trophies and medals (overall achievements received are  compared to the previous week, and you can even print certificates). You can also add pets, and decorate different rooms.
  • Arcade: This is another opportunity to spend the ‘eggs’ earned by playing a variety of arcade games. 

From the Home screen there is an access button to review the child’s progress (My Progress). This section covers a variety of information, including:

  • Number of eggs, targets and trading cards earned.
  • Number of lessons completed and average score.
  • Number of books read.
  • Number of spelling lessons completed and average score.
  • Number of games played in the Stadium.
  • Current Lexile score and overall Lexile growth.
  • Assessments completed and associated scores.

Bonus Material

There is a great amount of additional material available when signed into your family’s dashboard via a computer. You can save these documents to your computer or print them:

  • Activity Sheets (English & Spanish).
  • Reward Maps for Reading Eggs (Ages 3-7).
  • Parent User Guide (outlines how to use each area of the program).
  • Homeschool (a suggested lesson schedule up to Grade 2).
  • Lesson Overview (for example, it details comprehension levels covered for Grade 1-6 by lesson).
  • The Eggsperts.
  • Placement Test Overview (explains the results that you get at the beginning when you first start the program.

How Reading Eggs Worked for Our Family

As Reading Eggs covers a range of ages, and we have a family subscription, all of my children have been able to explore this program at the same time on their iPads.

This program has turned out to be a successful solution for our family. All three of my daughters love this program, and still ask to use it daily. It has therefore been a program that has helped start our school days off in a very positive way, as it is one of their first daily tasks. 

It’s so easy to use that my children didn’t need me once they were in the program. I really like that they can explore this program independently; although you may want to keep tabs on the content they are actually reading. It is a wonderful educational program that can be used on-the-go, and one that you can check on you child’s progress without being on top of them. 

The joy my girls have every time they received an animal fact card, especially when it was a rare card, led to a variety of conversations. I also really like that a child can choose books from the library that suit their own interests. 

They are learning and having fun at the same time, so this is a program we will continue to use. I highly recommend you take advantage of the free 30 day trial, and see how it works for your family as you also explore everything this program has to offer.

Extra Thoughts

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