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Young Living: Essential Oil Safety Guide

Of course, you should always consult individual product labels for usage directions. However, there are also a few other safety tips that everyone should adhere to:

- Do NOT put oils in your eyes or in the ear canal.

- If you accidently get an oil where you don’t want it, or it’s too hot for your skin, dilute it. Do NOT use water! Oil and water don’t mix so this will make things worse. Instead, as essential oils are fat soluble, dilute it with a carrier oil. Examples of carrier oils include: Young Living’s V6, olive, almond and coconut.

- Do not put essential oils into plastic. For example citrus oils eat petrochemicals, so please only use a glass container or one of high quality stainless steel. This is especially important when adding an essential oil like Lemon Vitality to your water.

- Citrus-based oils may cause temporary photosensitivity, as well as a few other oils. So don’t apply these topically before you go out in the sun.

Please do extra research if you are pregnant, nursing, want to use on a child or pet, are on certain medications or have epilepsy, as there are certain oils you should avoid.


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