September 2020 is here. What will you be thinking about this month?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the National Days we could be celebrating this month here in the USA, paying extra attention to how they could impact our own family’s Lifescape. It’s a chance to look at the world through different eyes each day. Taking a different perspective gives us the opportunity to see that there is more to life than what’s going on in our own individual lives. Some are quite impactful, as others are not. I don’t always pick the most obvious choice, so here are my picks for September:

September 1 – National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day

Today we get to look at words that do not rhyme with any other words in the English Language.  Here are some examples:

  • Orange 
  • Month
  • Silver
  • Purple
  • Ninth
  • Pint

Have some fun with these, and see if can you come up with some more.

This could be a fun game with your older children.

September 2 – National Blueberry Popsicle Day

It’s still summer, and what a healthy way to cool off! Well they are because we make our own without all the added colorings and sugars. Here’s an example of one we made with other fruits. We love using organic wild blueberries – delicious! 

Do you make your own with your kiddos?

September 3 – National U.S. Bowling League Day

There will be no serious game playing of this in our household. I’m lucky if my ball doesn’t fall into the gutter these days. As a teenager though I had many a fun game with friends – I was much better at it back then. I have no doubt that there will be more fun games in my future as my girls get older and we have our own family team only doing the best that we can.

Did you know where a ‘turkey’ came from? Apparently back in the day around Thanksgiving time, when it was harder to make a strike, they would give a turkey to players that bowled three strikes in a row.

September 4 – National Food Bank Day

No one should go to bed hungry. Apparently there are 42 million people (including children) who struggle with not having enough food put on their table. This could happen to any of us. 

Today highlights the opportunity we have to make a donation or volunteer at a local food bank.  Food banks save the day for many

Surely with all the food waste we have in this country, we can make a big dent in the number of those suffering. 

September 5 – World Beard Day

A good beard oil makes all the difference! This is for both those that sport the scruffy or carefully groomed look. The ingredients you use are essential for the health of your beard. This is a prime example when to stay away from harmful chemicals. I highly recommend checking out Shutran! I don’t personally have a beard myself, but I’ve heard great reviews from the men that use it for theirs. 

Today could be the day that you leave your razor behind. Think of all those famous men with beards, but I can’t think of anyone that would want to try and beat the Guiness World Record for the longest beard. More than 17 ft and 6 inches of beard would probably get in the way multiple times throughout the day.

September 6 – National Read A Book Day

Grab a book and enjoy your day reading it. Apparently this is very good for our cognitive abilities, and what a wonderful way to relax. No one needs any extra stress these days. 

I’m going to start a new book that I’ve never read before. It’s well known and my daughters will be reading it in a few years time. I added it to my collection a month or so ago, and today I plan to take some time out so I can get started on it. It’s not always easy to stay a step ahead of my girls when it comes to reading…mom’s get this.

September 7 – National Grandma Moses Day

Back on this day in 1860 Anna Mary Robertson Moses was born. She was better known as Grandma Moses. 

She’s an example for all of us that you can successfully change your career late on in life. She started painting in her 70s and grew in popularity. In 2006 one of her pieces sold for $1.2 million. 

Why not explore some of her artwork today, and she the talent she had. 

September 8 – National Ampersand Day

I had no idea that the “&” was a ligature of “e” & “t”. This is because “et” in Latin means “and”. Who knew that? 

There are so many variations when it comes to writing out the “&” that it has become an artwork. 

September 9 – National Teddy Bear Day

My twins still love their favorite teddy bear when it comes to bedtime. Does your child have a favorite teddy bear or other character that they would carry around with them everywhere if they could? 

I still have my first teddy bear that I had as a child and my girls have great pleasure playing with it even though its several decades old. Do you still have yours? 

September 10 – National School Picture Day

I would cringe at my school pictures, but they are our family history. Do you ever dig back through old school pictures? 

September 11 – National Make Your Bed Day

The National Sleep Foundation say that making your bed can actually improve your sleeping by reducing the amount of tossing and turning throughout the night. That means it’s better for your health to make your bed. 

I know I always sleep better with fresh sheets. So relaxing! 

September 13 – National Grandparent’s Day

Whether you are a grandparent, you have grandparents, or you’re thinking of grandparents that have died, there is a special relationship with between a grandparent and grandchild. 

It’s wonderful that there is an official flower for National Grandparents Day, the forget-me-not. So appropriate!

I may not have photos of my other grandparents, but this is one I cherish. It’s amazing how one photo can bring back so many memories. 

September 14 – National Cream Filled Donut Day

Now I have cravings for one of the most unhealthy food items out there! They are so readily available and all that sugar is quite delicious. But it’ll send me into a sugar rush within minutes – that’s for sure. Plus all the other damage it’ll do to my system, but yum! 

September 15 – National Tackle Kids Cancer Day

Now, today is one that pulls at my heart. Be specific with your donations and give to pediatric cancer research, which only receives a small proportion of federal cancer dollars. You can donate in various ways, such as for groundbreaking cancer research to find a cure, support services and clinical care. 

This is a great opportunity to organize a fundraiser or even volunteer for an event – they need your help!

September 16 – National Play-Doh Day

There’s a long history behind the invention of Play-Doh designed for children. But why not make your own? There are so many simple recipes online now.  Add specific essential oils for added therapeutic benefits. Not only does your child have the opportunity to get creative, but depending on the oils you choose to add, you can also help your child with their focus, attention and relaxation. 

September 17 – International Country Music Day

Pump up the music, grab your banjo or fiddle, and let’s have some fun. 

September 18 – Air Force Birthday 

Air Force only became a separate branch of the Armed Forces on Sept 18, 1947. It so happens that this also falls on my dad’s birthday.  Now there’s no need to wonder why you love aeroplanes (airplanes) so much dad! 

There’s plenty of history to explore about this day. In the meantime this is a day to give a shout out to Air Force personnel. 

September 19 – International Eat An Apple Day

It’s a day to keep the doctor away, with an apple a day! There are 7,500 different varieties to choose from, 2,500 of which are grown in the United States. Do you have a favorite kind. 

Mine are the ones we picked off the apple tree in the back of our garden growing up in England. Minus the ones with worms, of course. We also had a cooking apple tree that made the perfect apple crumbles – thanks mum! 

September 20 – Wife Appreciation Day

Okay spouses, this is a day to remind you to show appreciation to your wives. 

This day was originally created to give focus on women that don’t have children. 

So what are you going to do to surprise your other half? There are so many ways you can show your appreciation and say “Thank you”. 

September 21 – International Day of Peace

Today is a day to put aside all differences and make peace. No matter where you live, it’s a day to bring the world together. It’s also World Gratitude Day. That’s two massive topics to think on. 

September 22 – International Daughters Day

Can you imagine living in a country where girls are considered a burden? This still happens today in some cultures, which breaks my heart. Our daughters give us so much joy daily that there’s no way I could ever see them as a burden. 

Today, let’s celebrate our daughters by spending time with them. Let’s make special memories that last a lifetime.

September 23 – National Teal Talk Day

Why haven’t I heard of this day before? Every year around the world over 249,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. There is no standard screening for this cancer, so it’s important to have awareness. 

So today wear teal and have the talk with some of your closest friends. Find out your family history and share it also with your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to talk about it. 

September 24 – National Punctuation Day

What’s your favorite punctuation – a period, comma, semicolon, question mark, exclamation point, or is it something else? Without these we could get into a lot of trouble. How many times have you misunderstood something because it was incorrectly punctuated? No one wants to be made fun of because their errors make them appear uneducated with the basics of our language.  

It’s always easier to correct someone else’s work, rather than our own. Today is a great time to learn the correct usage of punctuation. Watch out! Depending on your country of origin and even over time, rules change. 

September 25 – National Math Storytelling Day

No matter what someone may try and tell you, Math is important. Today we are encouraged to tell stories through math. Get your kiddos excited about math with stories and games. There are so many ways we can do this. 

Do you know any good math jokes? 

September 26 – National Pancake Day

Yum! We generally now only make English style pancakes in our household – I’ve converted my husband. These have been around for thousands of years and are rolled up and can be filled with fruit and other fillings. Or stack them up and flavor with a good syrup or honey; although I grew up with sugar and lemon juice on mine. Delicious! 

These are part of a traditional Saturday brunch for our family.

September 27 – World Tourism Day

Tourism is one sector that has significantly suffered in 2020. As a result how many communities and families do you think have suffered this year?

This must have been an extra shock as it was one of the fastest growing sectors in the world that provided millions of jobs. 

So why not use this time to research countries that you would like to visit. Do you saving and research now, so when you can travel and contribute to tourism you’re ready to go. 

Don’t forget to visit all your local historic landmarks that you’ve never been to before . It may not be exotic, but there’s still lots of fun to have. 

September 28 – National Family Day 

“Families who eat together, stay together.” So today, gather your family around the table and enjoy a meal together. Apparently this also reduces the risk of addiction in teenagers. 

I wonder what conversations we are all going to have around the dinner table tonight? 

September 29 – National Coffee Day

So if you didn’t know, I can’t stand the taste of coffee. I sometimes enjoy the smell of coffee beans, but please don’t make me drink a cup. 

On the other hand my husband, and children all love it so sometimes I catch myself wondering what’s wrong with me. At least I can get up in the morning and get going without needing to brew a cup first. Surely that’s a win for me! 

September 30 – National Mud Pack Day

Mud faces! Yes please! Today we get to sit back, relax and get covered in mud. It’s so good for the skin, but please check your source of mud first. Please don’t go outside and grab all that mud that may contain dog poop and more…get the good stuff! 

As usual, let’s make the most of everyday and continue to reevaluate our priorities in life. How are your days impacting your own family’s lifescape? 

Hi there, we’re Micheal & Katherine!

We’re passionate about helping families strive for health and wellness, and living a non-toxic lifestyle. To us this also means homeschooling, choosing joy, exploring, making everyday count, and doing our research. We know it’s not an easy journey, but we’re doing our best and trying to make the right choices for our family.

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