Social Media Highlights

May 2020

The majority of our education, and information we share related to essential oils and other non toxic wellness topics is found in our private social media group, Lifescaping Oilers. Even though we provide a few highlights of what we covered this month here, for more education and an insight of how we use these products, please join our free community.

Hot Wolfberry & Slique Tea

It may be a hot here in Texas, but I love this warm drink, especially due to all its wonderful wellness benefits: Slique Tea with added wolfberries for added punch.

I highly recommend you research the benefits of the wolfberry, as well as the ingredients in Slique Tea. 

Do you have a favorite healthy hot drink?

Cinco de Mayo

We gave several recipes perfect for those celebrating Cinco de Mayo, or any fun gathering for that matter. Here are a few of the recipes, but there were drinks too:

Thieves V Bleach

There are questions behind the safety of bleach. Well, this video took it a step further and compared it to Thieves. This will give you something to think about if you still haven’t switched your household cleaner. Plant based can be powerful when combined and used correctly, not to mention it doesn’t have all the harmful toxins that have long term effects:

Spotlight: Chef Mary Mick 

Chef Mary Mick shared several of her recipes that she puts into spray bottles to spritz food. 

I thought this was a genius idea to avoid accidentally pouring in too much of an essential oil and over powering a dish. 

How To Spot A Fake Essential Oil

An essential oil labeled as 100% Pure doesn’t mean anything. I’ve mentioned this several times before, but I shared a video from a lady that is more qualified than me. 

When it comes to essential oils, and many other things in life, it’s important to do your research. Know your source! 

If you, or someone you know, wants to test it out I love a good science experiment! Click here to watch the video: How To Spot A Fake Essential Oil

A Clinical Trial: Copaiba v Acne

I love Copaiba Essential Oil for multiple reasons, and it’s so mild I even use it on my children. But this is a purpose I didn’t know about. Time to stock up before they turn into teenagers/young adults. Click here to view the research study: Copaiba v Acne

DIY Natural Hairspray Recipe

It can be hard to find a natural hairspray that doesn’t include lots of hidden toxins. So thankfully one of my favorites, Lindsey Elmore shared two hairspray recipes on her blog: 

Team Resources

Although our Facebook is set as ‘private’, it is open to all those that want to learn. However if you would like additional education, there are more private social media groups available to our team members only, which I can recommend.