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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

Have you been searching for a resource for your children that encourages critical thinking, a skill that is required for many jobs? The Critical Thinking Co.™ has a wide range of supplemental resources, and I chose to dive in and explore Creative Problem Solving, Level 1. 

Creative Problem Solving Level 1

This book is geared towards Grades PreK – 2. However, my eight year old also participated in the challenges, along with my six year old twins. Younger children will need help reading each question/challenge, but otherwise you can leave them to let their creativity juices flow as they complete each page at their own pace.

A digital download of this book is also available, but it’s currently only compatible with the Windows platform. 

Book Content

The book is well laid out and divided into eleven sections:

  1. The Magic Pencil  (draw a way to fix a situation).
  2. The Creature Factory (draw a creature that would survive a unique habitat).
  3. Superheroes and Super Powers (choose special powers to help in an emergency).
  4. Alien Designer (draw a design to fit a specific need of an alien).
  5. The Inventor (find a solution to someone’s problem).
  6. The Crisis Specialist (decide the order of the steps to take in an emergency).
  7. The Best Tool (choose the best tool to help in a situation).
  8. The Enigma (use your imagination to discover the enigmas).
  9. The Mind Ride (imagine you’re a character in a story).
  10. 2-D and 3-D Figures and Shading (Super Challenge section).
  11. Play With Mechanisms (Super Challenge section).

How We Used This Book

The pages in this Creative Problem Solving book are perforated, so it’s really easy to pull out specific pages, or your child could still use it as a workbook. 

For a couple of the questions, especially the easier challenges at the beginning, I had all three of my children draw out the whole scene before they solved the problem. Nothing like a little bit of extra drawing practice, which they need. They had fun doing this, but what was fascinating was when they compared their solutions with each other afterwards and discussed their drawings.  What made this successful was that there was no right or wrong answer – they had the freedom to use their imagination. For every question they each came up with a different solution – it’s amazing to see the results of their brains working differently. 

Further along in the book my six year olds struggled with a few of the concepts, which are key for critical thinking. An example would be seeing and drawing objects from different angles, but these were in the ‘Super Challenge’ section. However, the book is encouraging them to stretch their thinking as they learn. 

Our Conclusion

I’ve always loved solving logic problems – that’s what I called them growing up, and this book has been an excellent introduction to critical thinking for all of my children. It has encouraged them to think independently and develop their creativity without any pressure. 

They will continue to finish all the challenges in the book, and I’m already looking at future options for them in the latest catalogue from The Critical Thinking Co.™. I can easily see why their products are award winning.

However, I recommend that you see what other families thought of this book, and few of the other books from this company via the banner below: 

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