The How, What, When, Where, Who & Why of Essential Oils

Let’s begin with WHAT are Essential Oils?

The most powerful part of the plant.

Essential oils are the most powerful part of the plant. If you were to break open the leaf or steam of a plant and saw some liquid in it, the essential oils are in that liquid. They are obtained by distilling the flowers, roots, fruit, leaves and resins of trees, plants and grasses. Or by cold pressing the rinds of a fruit, think citrus fruits. 

Oils consist of 100s of different natural, organic compounds. In humans they provide support for every system in the body e.g. your skeletal, muscular, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory and immune systems.

Young Living has well over 600 products, more than 300 of which are EO and EO blends. A blend contains more than one essential oil. For example this Citrus Fresh contains citrus oils such as orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon and a dash of spearmint essential oil for an overall clean and  uplifting aroma that I enjoy using in various ways on a daily basis. 

WHEN do you use Essential Oils?

So “when” can be anytime of the day or night, depending on your need. 

Essential oils are not like drugs so you can use them frequently, and all bottles are labeled with usage directions.  However, as they are so powerful, quite often, one drop is all you need, unless you have a brand that contains synthetic chemicals or fillers, which unfortunately, due to the significant increase in the essential oil market, this isn’t uncommon. 

You use them when you want to help boost your frequency to stay healthy and well. Apply them when you’ve finished a session at the gym. Blends such as PanAway is great to aid muscles so you can go back to the gym again in the morning. It contains wintergreen, clove, helichrysum and peppermint. 

When you need to quickly relax, such as before an important meeting at work, the quickest way to see the results is to breathe it in from the bottle, but it’s more effective when you put a drop of a calming oil like Stress Away, in your palm, cup your hands over your nose and breathe in slow and deeply. To take it up a notch, close each nostril, one at a time as you breathe in, to fully access your brain (more about that in another class). 

Stress Away contains copaiba, lime, cedarwood, ocotea, vanilla absolute, and lavender.  So this same oil is great when you need help unwinding after a long day, when you feel like you’re about to pull your hair out, running after your little ones for only five minutes, or when its bedtime. 

On the other hand, if you need help waking up in the morning grab a strong oil like peppermint and use the same technique. Think back when people used smelling salts when ladies fainted – it’s the same principle. 

So “when” can be anytime of the day or night, depending on your need. 

WHERE do you use Essential Oils? 

Integumentary system (skin), Inhale, Ingest

Let’s take a popular blend such as Thieves, which contains clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, eucalyptus radiata and lemon.

We’ve already mentioned how to inhale via a drop in the palm of your hand or straight from the bottle. Whenever I’m cutting onions (which I used to shy away from) I will now have an opened bottle of Thieves on the counter in front of me. I no longer suffer from stinging eyes. Try it, and you’ll be amazed too! 

It’s not long before you’ll realize the power of aromas, especially with essential oils, and this is where I should really get my husband to explain how your lungs work, but the detail would take too long for the purpose of this webinar. In short, please do stop using those fragrant candles and plug-ins that contain very harmful ingredients, which you breathe into your body. Have you noticed how more people are having reactions and sensitivities to breathing in fragrances? Instead, for an aromatic atmosphere, it’s very popular to find essential oils in a diffuser in the home, car or office. All you need is water and an essential oil in a diffuser for a cold mist that has real therapeutic benefits, and free from toxins.  I even have a diffuser for outside containing various essential oils when we’re eating or relaxing at night and want those silly Texan annoyances to hover elsewhere. 

But essential oils are more than for only aromatic pleasures – they are commonly used on the skin (which is your integumentary system), the body’s largest organ. You can generally use them wherever you would like, except for in the eyes and the ear canal.

Using essential oils topically is very handy and a great way to support your body. However, blends such as Thieves are very hot to touch and is one that you’ll want to dilute with a carrier oil such  as coconut or olive oil. Never dilute with water as this would further irritate the skin. A safe place to apply oils topically is the bottom of your feet. Either apply to specific vita flex points or rub all over, which I do when I apply Thieves to my girls’ feet at bedtime. 

Please note and have caution when using EOs on your skin that can cause photosensitivity. For example Citrus oils….but it’s simple…don’t apply lemon to the skin and then go outside in the sun. If your skin is like mine…the burn will hurt. 

Another common location to find oils in our home is in the kitchen. The Thieves Vitality essential oil is labeled for internal use. We add it to various food recipes, to a spoon full of honey or even to a vegetable capsule. 

Lemon vitality on the other hand is added daily to our glass of water. Please ensure you are only using glass or stainless steel when using essential oils, especially with citrus oils. They eat away at plastic and you don’t want those chemicals going into your body, the point is to be flushing toxins out. 

However, knowing WHERE your essential oils come from is also very important. When more than 100% of the lavender that is grown in France is exported tells you the quality of an essential oil bottle is commonly compromised. But it’s also the way an essential oil is extracted from the plant during the distillation process that makes a difference, as well as the games that essential oil brokers play, and forged paperwork is not unheard of. When there is a lot of profit to be made in a fast growing market, integrity isn’t always what it should be. 

The location of a particular plant is key too. For example, if you want the benefits of Frankincense you won’t get them if the tree was grown in the USA – they don’t thrive here. And check your bottle, if it lists multiple species of Frankincense, you know the quality and its effectiveness has been compromised. It’s just another way for companies to cut costs by mixing in a cheaper species, which also takes away the purpose of using the oil for therapeutic purposes in the first place. 

So, WHO makes Essential Oils and WHO uses them?

As discussed there are multiple companies trying to grab a section of the market. There are numerous companies starting to sell essential oils every single month, but after much research, and if you know Micheal, my husband, you know he LOVES to research A LOT, we only use Young Living essential oils. We discussed several of the reasons why in a previous webinar, “The Young Living Difference”, which you can check out on our family lifescaping website. 


As a quick double check, as mentioned in the previous slide with the importance of location, check where your company or brand has farm and distillery locations and whether or not you may visit them. You do not want the quality of your essential oils to be compromised in anyway. That’s a waste of your money and can do you more harm than good in the long run. Also check out the importance of seed to seal at 

As no synthetic chemicals or unknown fillers have been added to Young Living essential oils they are safe, when used as directed. For babies, children and pets, higher levels of dilution are generally required. But the beauty is that babies and animals don’t understand the placebo effect. So when you see a unconsolable crying baby breathe in the blend of Peace & Calming and they immediate relax, it’s something all mommas need to have on stand by. That was one I regularly diffused when the 5pm craze used to begin in our household. Animals love it too, especially on nights like July 4 or unwanted car journeys. 

But WHY should YOU be using Essential Oils too?

I’ve already mentioned several reasons why, but essential oils have been used for thousands of years for multiple reasons. This is where we could have a full chemistry lesson regarding essential oils to explain why, but although I’m fascinated with science I would probably be the first to fall asleep. 

Healthy Lifestyle

So in overview, some common examples of “why” you should, include to enhance your mood, support relaxation, sleep, aid us to focus, to feel more energetic and healthier and support overall wellness and maintain healthy body systems, as mentioned earlier. Also, to remove toxins in everyday life, have non-toxic cleaning supplies and personal cleaning products, makeup and even to have better dentist visits like in this household. Many use essential oil infused supplements that work more effectively in your body. For example, my husband and I use Master Formula, which are multi-vitamins, and they work so well with our bodies that we don’t need to use them daily.

In fact all Young Living products are HIGHLY concentrated so they last a very long time and I have extra tricks, which I can show you, to make them go even further. One drop really does go a long way. I could go on and on with all the reasons why you should use essential oils, 
So WHY NOT use them?  I commonly hear a couple of reasons….

Start Now!
1) I don’t have the time right now

This is only another way of saying I don’t want to put the effort into my own health and wellness and that of my family. It’s not that important to me. Unfortunately it won’t be until something happens that these people will then NEED to take the time to get started. But the good thing is you don’t have to know EVERYTHING about EOs. No one does, it’s such a huge subject. But the importance is the difference that they make for our families. I wish I had listened and taken action earlier in my life before I had children, but I didn’t. However, at least now I can say “I started”, and didn’t put it off any longer. When you see the statistics of health trends, and how many toxins that have been proven to be unsafe but are still used daily in households. It’s scary! So make the time. And take it all one step at a time – that’s so much better than refusing to find and try a healthier way. 

2) I don’t have enough money…..

Daily use of essential oils is when you really start seeing the difference in the whole family, and when you breakdown the cost, it is so much safer and cost effective compared to other options.  We’ve personally saved over a  thousand dollars a year that we no longer have to spend at CVS or Walgreens. And by replacing cleaning supplies and personal items and makeup my trips to the local supermarket are much quicker and cheaper too.  It’s all about replacement buying and making changes within your own budget, no matter it’s size. Again, one step at a time. 

I can get them on other online websites, or at a local store

I went through this in another video when we discussed “The Young Living Difference”. We showed how an oil that states it’s 100% pure or even organic doesn’t mean anything. It can still contain synthetic chemicals and fillers that aren’t labeled and can do more harm than good. Young Living oils can actually work out cheaper too, as they will last you significantly longer and you don’t waste money on products that don’t have the same power. But watch out for Young Living bottles on sites such as Amazon and Ebay – they may look new, but you may be getting a contents that been played around with and relabeled. It’s NOT worth it.  It’s all about knowing your source and how to safely and effectively use an essential oil. This is all so important.

Your Options

So, today I’ve shown you several bottles of essential oils, which demonstrates only a few of the items you get in one of our Premium Starter Kits. These kits are the best bang for your buck, and this particular one contains 12 oils that can easily be incorporated into daily life. We’ve only quickly mentioned 6 of them tonight. Others include: DiGize, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Raven and Valor. These fabulous oils have multiple uses too, and between them will also support your digestive, respiratory and immune systems. In upcoming videos we will cover each of these oils in great detail. This kit also comes with plenty of other goodies, including a diffuser, but don’t worry we will also cover all those details in another Thursday Night Live in 2 weeks: What’s Inside Your Box?

OK, so HOW can you get your hands on essential oils too? 

And what’s the best option for you…

Simply go to and ‘shop’ under one of our team members, or go to and select ‘become a member’ entering the enroller and sponsor number of the person that first introduced you to essential oils.

You’ll definitely want to select the ‘Wholesale’ option and there are various Premium Starter Kit options available to you. I’ve only mentioned one of them tonight. These are generally the best way to get started as your money goes further, and who doesn’t like cheaper prices? But, if you have a specific need that doesn’t fit into any of these options, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to do some calculations for you to truly find out the best option for you and YOUR needs. We’re all different. 

I also highly recommend the monthly Essential Rewards (ER) option. This is where you choose your date and contents each month for a customized box that not only suits YOUR needs, but saves you more money. Remember, we are replacement buying!

I chose this option when I first started more than 4 years ago and haven’t turned back since. I’ve used it to help me swap out toxic products from my household one at a time, grow a very extensive collection of useful oils that certainly all come in very handy at particular times throughout the year. And I’ve been able to pick and choose thousands of dollars worth of products that I needed or were nice to haves for FREE. You can’t beat this reward system, but I go into more detail regarding this program in other videos, such as Discover The Value of ER, which is already on our website. 

Next Week, our Thursday Night Live topic is:

What to do with Lavender and Frankincense.

These two are very popular essential oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit, so we will cover them in detail. It’ll be a very practical session and you’ll see all the multiple ways you can use them and we would love for you to take that opportunity to share your ideas too. As it will be full of valuable information I’ll put together a pdf and send it to all that register so you don’t have to be so frantic trying to write down all the tips and recipes on the night. 

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