The Young Living Difference

Welcome to our new series Thursday Night Live. Every Thursday Night we will be covering a wide range of topics. Enjoy the first presentaion of the series given on May 23, 2019 entitled, “The Young Liveing Difference”. The video link is at the end of the presentation.

The Young Living Difference

So, how did it Young Living begin?

Our community of wellness started small in 1993, when D. Gary and Mary Young developed their first organic herb farming and distillation operation. In 1994 Young Living was established with farmland growing various herbs in Utah and Idaho.

Since then, Young Living has grown to become the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions. Headquartered in Utah, it continues to expand the number of offices and farms it has around the world while staying true to the Young’s original vision. 

Young Living is still expanding their resume of Farms and Partnerships

Farmers and Partners around the world

Young Living has locations on 6 continents and in more than 30 countries. Their global presence is undisputed. Even with global growth, Young Living is committed to constantly improve when creating pure, potent essential oils and products through environmentally conscious methods. 

It’s not only about the number of farms we have, but also the quality and integrity of them. It’s not uncommon for Young Living to be in talks with a potential partner for decades before they become part of the family. 

It’s been proven that not all Essential oils are created equal. 

The Pyramid

But not everyone understands the importance of this, and the harm that can be done when you use an essential oil that has synthetic chemicals or has been harvested in an unsafe manner. 

The slide shows the wide range of quality found on the market. And there are not regulations in place, when in a store you’ll likely to pick up a Grade C essential oil that is labeled as 100% pure, but in reality it may only have 5-10% of actual essential oil and the rest is full of synthetics and fillers. It’s scary as they can do more harm than good. Notice they have use by dates and say ‘do not ingest’, or even ‘don’t apply to the skin’ If that’s the case this is something you don’t want to be breathing in either.  

Young Living always produces Grade A – it doesn’t compromise with the quality of their essential oils, so why should you? Why avoid fragrances with harmful synthetic chemicals or fillers only to use an essential oil that is full of them.

There are simple tests you can do to see the quality of your essential oil. I highly recommend that you compare and contrast brands with tests such as freezing, synergy, aroma and filler testing. I can give more details to those that want to take the time to do this, and once you have you’ll have no doubt which brand to choose. 

You’ll hear many of us talk about Seed To Seal & it’s importance

Sead to Seal

For the best and most powerful essential oils… sourcing of the plant, science AND standards are ALL vital. That means knowing exactly where the seed has been sourced, all the way to the essential oil being sealed in it’s bottle.  Please check out the website for more details, but as a quick overview: 


Again, no compromises, including any kind of synthetic, contaminants, cheap fillers or the use of unethical production practices…you can see on the left hand side of the slide, the various ways where all YL partners must meet the highest standards. Did you know you can visit and EXPLORE any of Young Living Farms, including their distilleries?


The Research & Development Team is a major reason why Young Living has such a wide range of essential oils and other products that have been tested for the highest quality. Plus independent third party testing is also conducted to ensure integrity. Young Living has state-of-the-art labs and industry leading research.


Young Living sets the bar not only for essential oil quality, but also sustainability, compliance and being ‘green’ throughout the world. Protecting and sustainably sourcing plants as well as supporting local communities is part of our stewardship that Young Living takes seriously.


This has also led to the Young Living Foundation.

Giving Back

Already you can see this slide is out-dated, as so far it has now supported over 170 charities and causes in various countries, impacting over 250,000 individual lives. And what’s rare and incredible about this foundation compared to others? 100% of all donations support actual projects as Young Living pays all administrative costs. Please check out to find out the amazing work they do. It’s moving what can be done when people work together. 

Young Living’s members have A Community too.


For our family, it was about getting rid of all kinds of toxins. This isn’t something you can do overnight, our bodies and lifestyles are complicated. However, we’re on a journey and love that we can share it with others, while also learning from them too! You’re not on your own! 

You can be involved with and support others as much, OR as little as you want. That’s the beauty…it’s up to you. The good thing is that there is support in various kinds throughout our community – you pick and choose what suits you!  40,000 plus of us will be descending on Salt Lake City in Utah in July. It doesn’t matter which Young Living team you’re on, you get to connect with others that are also striving for Wellness, Purpose and Abundance, which is Young Living’s motto. 

Young Living is more than just essential oils.

Product lines for throughout the home.

As mentioned, for us it was all about getting rid of toxins, and that means being aware of what you breathe into your body and also put onto your skin. That also includes for our children and pets too! 

Hence Young Living has product lines for throughout the home… personal care, babies & kids, make-up, health & fitness, supplements, nutrition, animal care and much more.

From the very beginning Young Living produced supplements. There’s even science behind having essential oils in your supplements as they are more efficient and work better with your body. Synergy of ingredients is very important. 

My degree isn’t in science, but there are plenty of reference books and speakers out there to help us understand it better one step at a time. It’s fascinating. 

But the Seed to Seal commitment, that we went through a couple of minutes ago, and dedication that Young Living has, to have the highest quality farms and partnerships has lead to the development of over 600 products, around 300 of which are essential oils and essential oil blends. No other company has the resources for that, while also measuring up to the seed to seal. 

Service Matters Too


We may all be fans of Amazon Prime, but just like other products there are multiple knocks off sold on that site. As it was drummed into me at school…Buyer beware. 

Young Living nor any of its distributors are allowed to sell on sites like amazon or Ebay for good reason. There are videos out there that show you how to replace a lid so it looks like it’s come directly from the factory, but instead has been filled with synthetics and fillers for a profit. It’s scary. That’s why they can be found for significantly reduced prices. They look real, but their contents are not, and the harm they can do physically is not worth the risk. 

It takes 60,000 rose blossoms to provide only one ounce of Rose oil. So do you really think a bottle should only cost you $10?

However, when it comes to customer service – Young Living are amazing! I’m sure they diffuse ‘Joy’ in their call center. They are super friendly and helpful whenever I call them, which is extremely rare. 

And if you ever have a delay in your shipment, remember…they are shipping out thousands upon thousands of fun parcels everyday and no two shipments are ever the same. And take advantage of the YL Go and YL Go Plus shipment programs – my monthly box arrives so much quicker now, no matter its size. Love it. 

But There’s much more to it…

It’s not until you use the products regularly and see the results, and then dive in deeper to learn about the power of essential oils that you can better grasp why Young Living are the world leaders in essential oils, and how they are making a difference to so many around the world. They can even benefit you and your family. 

Yes, there are other safe natural based companies out there, but you have to know the source of ingredients to truly understand what is being slipped into products without you knowledge. It’s scary what some companies do for extra profit, but Young Living has always been about finding a solution first, before profit. 

This is why we have some amazing products that we can be confident about. Young Living is a product driven company and this is shown with over 90% of members only buying products for themselves and not taking advantage of the business opportunity. Their products work, so people keep coming back for more.

So I hope you all found this overview helpful, whether you’ve never heard of Young Living before today, or if it was a reminder of why you chose to use Young Living products in the first place. 

Next Week, our Thursday Night Live will cover:

The How, What, When, Where, Who & Why of Essential Oils

Whether you’re new to essential oils or you want a quick refresher course, this will take you back to the basics of essential oils so you can have the confidence to use essential oils safely and understand why they are so popular. 

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