Treating Loved Ones.

– Solutions For Yourself Too! 

 In January we covered different combinations for you to try in your diffuser each day, so in February we are changed gears. Even though I feel we should love one another everyday, many consider February as the month of love.

Therefore this month our posts focused on tips and ideas for you to treat that special someone in your life. And that special one should definitely include yourself!  Self care is so important, but something many of us moms don’t see as a priority.

So let’s start with solutions for everyone, and thankfully Young Living has many excellent non toxic options for us, which will also include an idea or two specifically for men. 

Oh I love the convenience of essential oil roll-ons. I even make my own sometimes so I get in less mess when I’m traveling or I’m on-the-go with errands. These are all great for relaxing in their own ways. Do you have a favorite?

They are great for gifts as they are pre-diluted so they are easy for anyone to use.

Choosing the right essential oil for someone special can be very personal. We all love different aromas, or have specific needs that an oil’s individual constituents can support us with. Research each oil to pick the right one for you.

Here is a mix of very popular singles and blends – all appropriate for this season of love in their own ways.

Massage oils are great for your special someone. Young Living has several in their collection. All toxin free, of course! 

I have collection on my shelf, but you can always make your own too.

Do you have a favorite massage oil that has helped them?

I love a good massage and  thankfully my husband does a great job. But have you tried Young Living’s Vitassage Essential Oil Dispensing Massager yet?

A perfect gift for the one you love, especially if they frequently have sore muscles and want some relief. This is a great way to have a massage without getting oils all over your hands. It dispenses three different oils at the same time via stainless steel roller balls, and it’s easily portable. Nice!!!

There’s a whole science behind making perfumes. You can even buy books with essential oil perfume recipes – there are so many options. This is great because traditional perfumes are highly toxic.  Do you have an essential oil you prefer to use?

Here are a couple of other ideas: Shutran blend for men, and even some women love it so much that they use it themselves. If you love floral notes then the blends like Joy or Sensation are great. Abundance blend is one of my favorites.

Unfortunately more people are suffering from headaches and have other symptoms when they smell perfumes. There are even a couple that shut my husband’s lungs down…that’s something scary to watch! As a result we are so happy we have a safe alternative. 

Following on from ‘perfumes for her’, here are examples of ‘colognes for him’.

As well as Shutran, which I suggested for men earlier as  it’s one I gifted for my husband. Other popular aromas are essential oils such as ‘Northern Lights Black Spruce’ and even blends like ‘Light Your Fire’ (but watch out some might find that oil a little hot).

I’ve mentioned many times before how much I love adding essential oils to bath salts for multiple reasons.  This is a popular way to use essential oils in the bath or when you want to soak your feet. This is a cheap gift and treat for your loved one too!

Take time out and enjoy!  That goes for any of the suggestions provided here. Along with gifts for others, don’t forget yourself! 

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