What Is Lifescaping?

Does it really matter that ‘lifescaping’ is technically not a real word? Even though you may not currently be able to find it in the dictionary, it has great meaning in our family. And you may not know it, but your family is lifescaping in one way or another too.

So, let’s first check out the definition of ‘lifescape’. Pending approval, the Collins Dictionary defines it as: “A narrative that details the intersection of events in an individual’s agency, emotions, health, socio-economic circumstance, cultural norms, and behaviors over their lifespan.”

Put simply…A lifescape is the story of how you act within your environment. Building on this, lifescaping is how you create your story.

It’s more than a static painted portrait or digital landscape. We are lifescaping continually and can change its overall mood. It’s a conscious work. We all have daily influences in our life. It’s up to us whether we choose to allow these to have a positive or negative impact in our own environment.