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So how do you know Young Living’s essential oils are intended for your wellness before their profit? Why even choose their products and community?

To start, you can smell the difference with their essential oils. I’m not kidding! I don’t have a trained nose, but it was very apparent how Young Living doesn’t have any “fillers” in their essential oils. They smell like a concentrated version of the plant itself – true nature in a bottle. Everything inside the bottle is written on the bottle. This means that every drop is more powerful, and therefore quite often one drop of oil is all you need for the job, instead of several.

Next, check out the bottles themselves. Young Living essential oils do not have expiration dates, as unopened they all have an indefinite shelf life when stored in a cool dark place. They also describe the quality of their oil as “therapeutic grade”, which is taken from the original Greek word “therapeuo”. This means “to deeply impact the body” and is a critical differentiation from other brands.

However, diving deeper, it’s not hard to see that Young Living has been changing the world since 1994. They are a company that is all about farming, where pesticides and chemicals are not used on the plants. Even weeds on the farms are removed with a hoe, by hand or by killing them with steam. Known for its high international standards, Young Living has distillation facilities on site to ensure perfect distillation timing, and they have an openness with all who want to visit their fields and distilleries.

Young Living is the world leader in the modern essential oil movement and has the purest essential oils and essential oil-infused products for families around the world. Their motto is “wellness, purpose and abundance”. This reflects their commitment to empower people through a wellness lifestyle, and belief that everyone deserves a life full of purpose and abundance. This can be seen in the ways they champion nature’s living energy (essential oils) and foster a community of healing and discovery.



Seed to Seal shows their commitment to providing families with the best essential oil and oil-infused products in the world. The Seed to Seal promise ensures that every product is created with conscientious Sourcing, Science and Standards. All thanks to global resources, industry leadership, decades of innovation.

Sourcing: Young Living source from their corporate-owned farms, as well as from partner farms and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers that adhere to their Partnership Principles. This empowers a priority on quality, sensitivity to community impact and mindfulness toward ecosystems.

Science: The quality of products is proven in the lab. Product samples are also tested as needed with multiple independent, respected and accredited labs. This ensures only the cleanest and most innovative ingredients are provided to your family.

Standards: Young Living see it as part of their stewardship to do business responsibly. This includes sustainably sourcing rare botanicals, uplifting local communities, and going above and beyond to comply with local environmental rules. They also choose only to partner with sources known to produce essential oils and ingredients ethically and legally, which sets a high standard for sustainability you can trust.

The Partnership Principles, as mentioned above, ensure purity of products at every point in the supply chain:

1. Established relationships – Hand select renowned suppliers of premium botanicals and build relationships with them for decades.
2. Seed to Seal Specifications – All partner farms, suppliers and own corporate farms sign declarations that they will follow the strict seed to seal specifications.
3. Binding Agreements – The signed declarations are backed with legally binding contracts.
4. Stringent Testing – Millions of dollars have been spent on state-of-the-art lab, cutting-edge testing instruments and a world-class team of researchers. Products not meeting the demanding standards do not reach the warehouse.
5. Ongoing Audits – Third party audits of the supply chain also verify the quality of the oils. Young Living’s global sourcing network is designed to provide superior products and has an objective audit process to monitor this.

For Young Living, the big picture isn’t all about the bottom line. Instead, there is a drive to share authentic quality so that families can experience the authentic benefits of pure therapeutic grade essentials oils. It’s not only about how a plant is harvested and distilled for its essential oils, but also when.

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The D. Gary Young – Young Living Foundation.

The Young Living Foundation plays a major role in fulfilling Young Living’s vision of bringing the life-changing benefits of their essential oils to every home in the world.

Young Living pays all administrative costs so 100% of all donations support foundation projects. They support 70 charities and causes and so far have impacted over 200,000 individual lives.

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The following link takes you to our blog and video of what the YL difference means to us:

The YL Difference - Blog & Video



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